Friday, 9 November 2012

:: Blooming lovely and lots of green

 The Peonies have come into their own and deserved another feature, who would have roses when these exist!

 New recruit and very spike! He loves Teak though, so forgiven!

 A heart shaped Succulent, just hanging around!

 New Fern, care of IKEA! 
They have the best and cheapest plants but you must get there when the plants are fresh, cause I don't think they like hanging around flat packs for too long!

Oh! How did you get there, Spring? Cheeky Owl!

   And look at your nice new indigo, fancy!

 No I'll put you back into the shop where you belong!
Do you have a mischievous Owl in your home?
You can get one here!

Speaking of mischief, my other half has decided to create some of his own, he's blogging now!

Do pop over if you'd like, say hello!
Happy weekend to you

: Pippa


  1. Those peonies take my breath away. My mother had a huge peony bush by our front door, but I've never grown any.

  2. The peonies are exquisite Are they hard to grow and what type is that? Ill visit your husbands site shortly

  3. I wish I was growing them, these are a bunch I bought from the florist, they are surviving well!
    I'm thinking of looking into though, they are amazing!

    So pleased to be bring back memories of 'La Famiglia' Dana!

    Can you share any growing tips? Thanks for popping by the husbands bloug

  4. Yummy blooms and I love that blue shade you've created! :)

  5. Those roses are to die for! My girlfriend had them for her wedding a couple of years ago and I've fallen in love with them. Your owl is so beautiful. Clever chicky.

  6. Couldn't agree more with your peonies versus conventional roses thought and they smell gorgeous too!.
    :-) Tina


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