Thursday, 8 November 2012

:: Teak

G plan table Vignette
 I just wanted to post about teak today....I love it

Danish candle sticks, apple and bowl.

Parker coffee table, my pride and joy!

 Do you love teak?


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  1. Adore teak! Beautiful. We have very similar things! xx

  2. I do love teak. I used to have teak everything. Then I sold it all. Now I am buying it again.

  3. I am pleased to follow in your esteemed foot steps brismod!

    I did have a similar thought that I wanted to go more Scandi in my home and get the white look but I there is no warmth! so pleased you are returning to Teak!

  4. We sell lots and lots of teak, and I love it. Yours is so very beautiful. That coffee table is amazing!

  5. Do I really need to post a comment?
    Yes! I love teak!
    (and I want some of those beautiful Danish candle sticks)
    More vignettes please Pippa x

  6. I knew if I said Teak, you would say hello, Dana and Kylie!
    We need to start our own Teak Lovers society!
    Thanks for the coffee table compliment, your welcome any time to admire it in person any time Dana.....and Kylie when I head back to that shop , it was near my stockist Modern Times, I'll pick you up some, they had heaps! xx

  7. Danish candle sticks...sigh! What a beautiful little setting you have there. ANd that bowl is heavenly. Wishing you the loveliest of Fridays.
    Steph :)

  8. Coffee table is amazing. I can see why it is your pride and joy. Teak = Good. Like, Is Don is Good. xx

  9. Wow, what can I say? I absolutely adore teak. I'm remodelling my kitchen and found a carpenter who will make me one in teak! I'll blog about it when it's done. I SOOO love the sidetable in those first two images, and of course the candlesticks, and everything else too for that sake... I'm on the lookout for teak candlesticks, but it seems like a lot of our scandinavian stuff has emigrated... I'm cherishing my teak furniture too, the wood has such a great color and they're so full of childhood memories,
    have a look here: !'ll join your Teak Lovers society:-)
    all the best,

  10. Will you really?
    Oh that would be awesome Pippa!
    Thank you so much x

  11. Love your Danish candle sticks - fabulous!
    x Tina

  12. I love it Pippa......some of my favourite pieces are mid century relics ;O)
    I've forgotten why it's called G Plan though?
    T xx

  13. Just saw the picture at Scandi Coast Home and thought I'd come over. That bowl is awesome!!!

  14. Ooh I love your vignette, just beautiful! I do love teak, so lovely and natural looking. Popping via Scandi Coast Home.
    Rachael x

  15. pretty cool items there... loving the teak!
    Bec x


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