Monday, 26 November 2012

:: Tupperware, Thrift finds, ...turning 37.

When you get to a certain age, people start inviting you to Tupperware parties, sadly I think I was the presenters nightmare as I didn't buy anything and regaled everyone with how good the retro stuff is and how cheap too!
This set was $10, I gave them to Mr Ouch for his tea's, flour (he bakes our bread) and muesli!

 I know I've been busy with the macrame but I'm never to busy to catch up with Donna for a thrift session!
These were $3 each!

 My Mum bought me this casserole dish for my birthday, I think it's by J&G Meakin, Habitat pattern C 1953. In my parents early marriage they had a set of plates with this pattern , which I still have. I'm very fond of this piece.

 I couldn't resist this skillet, Turi Design called Daisy, Norway.

 A Teak or black wood bowl?.....Now the entrance table has some semblance of order!

 You get to a certain age where getting new house plants is the top of your birthday list, thanks Dad!
I can't wait to go pot shopping!!

 This is what I bought for myself! 
A pair of (Australian MC)Tessa Ottomans, lovely black leather, excellent knick!
Teak or Blackwood?

 And It wouldn't be a post without macramé, new tri-colour piece, reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream.....yum!

 I found a big bag of retro macrame beads!
So beads and macrame it is!

Being 37 is not so bad, three years on the good side of forty they say but I'm looking forward to what's ahead!

Pippa :)


  1. I still have tupperware in that style from eons ago!

  2. Happy Birthday, Hope it was a great day. When we have tupperware parties we sell the stuff and give the presenter a drink, we've had that many ! Like your foot rests.

  3. Happy birthday macrame queen, loving those colours together x

  4. Happy Birthday my friend!
    (ps love the beads in the macrame - ALOT!)

  5. I want to go back in time and be you at 37! Everything in this post I love. Hope you had the best day. xx

  6. Cherish the 30s! I can't even remember them now! I'm so pleased you bought those ottomans!! So cool. So, so cool. I love all your gifts too. They're simple and meaningful. My husband insists on buying Neopolitan ice-cream and serving everyone (except me because I refuse) nightly with squares of Cadbury. How daggy is that?! I should give him a Neopolitan macrame pot holder to wear on his head, or something. Love you!

  7. Happy Birthday Pipstar! Love ya x

  8. Even though you're ten years younger than me!

  9. Happy birthday you little bobby dazzler!!!
    Allison x

  10. Now that's what I call great birthday gifts! Hope you had a wonderful celebration.

  11. Happy birthday! I want to be 37 too:)

  12. Hope you had a wonderful birthday,Pippa, congratulations!! Love all your gifts and thrifted stuff, the there's even a norwegian in there:-) The tri- colour macrame is just yummy!
    all the best,

  13. Hope you had a great day, Happy 37th Pippa. A great collection of goodies love the casserole dish, that freehand plaid pattern is fab and while not vintage I also adore your pantone mugs! :) Tina

  14. Happy birthday! Such a great selection of gifts - I particularly love the skillet. x


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