Thursday, 29 November 2012

Vintage Beads + Macramé = Perfect

I made this turquoise 'sling' hanger ages ago...but something was not right?
So whilst thrifting last weekend, I found a bag of vintage beads and Ta Da!

I'm a bit pleased...she is in the shop now!

A special thanks to all of you, who kindly left me birthday wishes, it made my day!
I was treated as a queen by my boys and all my wants and desire were catered for, my very special present which I haven't shared coming soon!



  1. You are so flingin flangan clever you know that ;O)
    Tania xx
    PS. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. nice beads additive there...loving the colour of this one..
    best wishes for you for your birthday too!
    Bec x

  3. 'She' is lovely..the beads are just the right finish.

  4. Love the beady finish ... and you deserved to be spoiled ... Bee xx

  5. Thanks Ladies, I'm glad you approve because I have a lot of beads to use! :)

  6. Fab and Rad!!.
    Allison x
    Ps not too often I can write those words legitimately!!

  7. Super super Blog!
    So glad I have found you! (via tea wagon tales)
    Bestest to you
    Daisy j


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