Sunday, 2 December 2012

:: Feelin like Santa!

 Today I delivered the last order of ouchie goodness to Modern Times, just in time for Chrissie!

That's me, via the Modern Times  instagram feed! 
Thanks for the cheer squad MMMC! xx

I'm thinking this teal is a great colour and I'm really enjoying making this 'Sling' design! 
Plenty more to come, I think?

And lastly was is not to love about a city, who's commitment to Public Art is clearly evident!
This sculpture situated at Fed Square, Melbourne was drawing both kids and big kids alike to interact and play! 
Just Great!
 Click here for more info :)
Well..... be good! 
As my father says to me every time we say goodbye!



  1. I love your slings too Pippa, they remind me of a chunky vintage bracelet I've got that used to be my Nan's in the 70's.

    p.s. nice to see a piccy of you x
    p.p.s the stickwork 'house' is amazing, it would be awesome if it came over here.

  2. Your macramé is amazing, as always, love the teal colored one! Good job! Public art like the one you're showing is THE greatest thing, it activates public spaces in such a good way.

  3. The slings look terrific. I love the colours!

  4. I love the photo of you at Modern Times...and the Mid2Mod tassel in the foreground! Also, Grandson #1 is in love with Stickworks and thinks we should go to Australia TODAY to see it.

  5. Great colors and designs. I get so much inspiration from public art, and this piece is excellent! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hello! Gorgeous teal sling style hanger. Great to see a pic of you in there too!! The beads are fantastic - really love them in the hangers.xx


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