Tuesday, 4 December 2012

:: Lapid Love

My Latest find........ Lapid, Israel.
There hand painted and have a simple modernist aesthetic.

 It's a lovely indigo blue under glaze, on a creamy mottled clay body.

Something strange is going on with my succulent....waving 

 It's been painted by STEEF, imagine him or her sitting in the heat, brush in hand?

The Master on all things worth knowing...
Ray from Retro Pottery Net has a number of posts with insightful info and lots of eye candy images, if you'd like to know more! :)
Don't forget to say hello!

And if your reading this Ray......... was $13.00 a bargain? :)

I came across this enamel sign at a car boot sale, the colours are amazing, as is the cordial may I add!

I'm not usually into signs but who could resist!
It's an approved reprint by Dodo Designs, Kent, UK.  
(where I was hatched, as my mother tells me... often!)

: Pippa


  1. Hi Pippa....What a great piece, I have had a few in that shape and pattern, but not in blue...lovely... The Lapid variations never cease to amaze, and for $13!. Lapid still remains surprisingly unknown/undervalued...but all the better for us to buy.....Thanks for the mention too! :) Ray.

  2. Hi Pippa - I love that Lapid piece!! Such a great find and the blue is such a lovely color.

  3. Love your Lapid Pippa, simple and beautiful.

    Are you going to hang your sign? maybe you could hang it in your garden if it's not really your thing? Great colours.

    Hello back (to your succulent) x

  4. The Lapid is amazing...and I love Rose's Lime Juice, so I think the sign is really cool.

  5. What a gorgeous vase, I absolutely LOVE it!! I haven't heard of this pottery, thanks for letting me know! I'll definitely add Lapid to my list of favorites:-)

  6. No probs Ray, your welcome! Glad it was a new design for you! If I get my hands on two more, it's official I'm a collector!

    Thanks for popping by Francine, the blue is lovely, I nearly passed it by, saw it in my peripheral vision.

    Kylie the succulent winked back, your in there! xx

    Glad you like it Dana, the thrift gods favoured me today!

  7. Oh dear Tove, I think I may have started something! Do check out Rays posts they have all the goss! Xx

  8. I have not run across the Lapid bottle things. Super nice shape. Reminds me of lapis lazuli in the color... Maybe? The sign is very nice. Dana is right, Rose's lime juice is quite smooth.

  9. this vase truly is a gorgeous piece... !
    the colours are lovely
    Bec x

  10. Sounds like a fortunate find, gorgeous colour blue and the flecks in the clay are lovely, and beautifully shaped.

  11. Cool vase. The sign is amazing!!! Love the colours. Top score my friend! x


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