Sunday, 9 December 2012

:: Ouch Beads & Typewriters

 I have been experimenting and playing with clay...with the view to coming up with some new ceramic ideas to pursue in 2013!

 I'm very lucky to have finally earnt my long service leave, 10 years of teaching service gets me, a terms holiday...Woo Hoo you can hear me say!

So how about the blossom vase above? 
I have used a lovely black glaze within and the celedon over the simple carved surface.
It's currently hanging with some black dyed twine, but that could change?
It was a pleasure to it a winner?

New beads from the kiln!
I have looked into some ways to make necklaces, the turquoise leather thong, black silk thread and silver silk knitted cord.
All worth a strong considerations for 2013...What are your thoughts??

 Do you like the black ouch bead? I was trying out a gemstone cut!

 On a side note, we went to the local market today! We have my lovely BIL out from the UK, with his extra lovely we went to show them the sights!
Look what I found!
Originally $30, then another customer asked for best price....$25. I walked away...did an eBay search on the name, made sure I confirmed my suspicions, that it was indeed a lovely object.

I came back to the stall and the gentleman said, "you interested in the typewriter, love"?...urm Yes (smile) "have it for $15" he said......OK thanks!!

It's heavy love! worries I have a husband :)  ........LOL you found a use for him then LOL !!

Olivetti Studio 44

 I also found some Macrame beads....2013 will be the time to put them into good use!

: Pippa


  1. I love the translucency of your pottery, it gives your creations something special. Loving the typewriter, wish I could happen upon a find like that!! :)

  2. Congrats on your long service,well earned!!! I'm thinking the turquoise is very lovely, do you ever stop Pippa? Love the typewriter!!! saw one at an oppy months ago for $15 (same pretty blue) and must have been so distracted by something else I left it behind and it was gone when I went back. Stupidest thing I did this year!

  3. Yay! HOLIDAYS!
    I hope Ouchflower takes off and you don't have to return (unless you want to)
    I would much rather buy a pre-strung necklace than a bead or two Pippa, mainly because I would never get around to threading them myself!
    I am totally smitten with the black gemstone and the gorgeous trio on turquoise.
    Are they (and that lovely blossom vase) winners? Yes! DEFINITELY!

  4. Congratulations on your 10 years of teaching! I'm swooning over the hanging vase. It's wonderful!!! I don't know if you've found Ton S's blog called I dream lo-tech. He collects vintage typewriters and has me wanting one now too. One of these days, I'll run into a bargain like yours. Congrats on a great find!

  5. That typewriter looks so beautiful and worth much more than $15, so I'd say you got yourself a bargain! I like the turquoise cord too, and think the beads you've threaded on it look lovely. Lucky you notching-up 10 years, I hope you have a wonderful break doing what you love and are so good at! Congratulations!

  6. $15 typewriter...awesome!
    colourful beads...amazing!
    10 years of teaching...PRICELESS!

    Bec x (whose daughter is studying teaching at Uni)

  7. Thanks Ada, it's the celedon coloured glaze, an amazing quality to it!

    Hi Simmone, sorry to hear about the 'lost typewriter' I hate it when that happens :0 I have done it many a time! ...and no I don't think I will ever stop :)

    Yay big holidays Kylie! Dec to April 2013, I think! Weekend in Perth maybe?

    Thanks Dana, I will check out that blog for sure! Glad you like the vase :)

    Thanks MMMC, I have two weeks to go! Big countdown :)

    Hi Bec, all the best to your daughter and her studies, not a bad day job! :)

  8. Congrats to you for 10 years of teaching! An impressive benchmark and a holiday well deserved for you. I agree with Kylie that a pre strung necklace is def the go (mainly coz I would be unsure as to what would go best with the bead etc). You are doing amazing work. Can't wait to see more from Ouchflower in the coming weeks and months! xx

  9. I love the faceted ceramic beads and great market find.
    I could use a husband at times, like to carry heavy things! ha x

  10. So many fabulous things here Pippa! LOVE the bud vase... love love LOVE! The new beads are just divine and the black one literally had me *gasping*! Great find and bargain with your typewriter too. Glad you've had a lovely weekend and congrats on long service too :) Kx

  11. Wow, a terms leave after 10 years of service, what a great opportunity- and so deserved! Can't wait to see all the ceramic goodness that will bring!
    Absolutely love that blossom vase, the shape and pattern... And the black bead is just gorgeous!
    The Olivetti is such a lucky find, those guys are soooo good looking!

  12. I'm loving the beads and the suspended vase is a beautiful piece of functional art :). Great market find... what a bargain! :) Tina


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