Sunday, 7 April 2013

Arabian do you do?

 She's poooped!
Being in the limelight tires her out!
But she's a professional model and knows when to sparkle for the camera!

 Arabian Blue a new tassel colour for the ouchflower tassel range, soon to be in the shop!

Do you not, just love this iittala stuff?

I waited till the sun was just right....and she sparkles!
The aim is to collect enough to furnish a dinner table then it's christening time at the 'iittala dinner party'!

RSVP me your attendance?  (I know your in Brismod)

I have been playing along with the #7vignettes over in instagram.......this is my version of 'rough'
Love it!

I have a few exciting things coming up....can't tell you just yet though :(

1 more week left till it's back to the classroom.......



  1. Save a seat for me at that inauguration dinner!! The Ultima Thule glasses are the sexiest glasses on this planet:-)I'm a HUGE fan! With the sun shining through the glass like that, I've always thought they look like ice just about to melt and start dripping. If I don't find any soon in the thrifts, I might surrender and get some new ones...
    And talk about sexy, that newest arabian supermodel is just flamin' hot!! I love it! And the vignette too, great companions:-)

    1. You have your place at my table, Tove!

      I hope buying new ones aren't as expensive as it would be for me to buy new ones....but then again, they are so lovely!
      ...and you should see Arabian Blue and Chartreuse together, it's perfectly steamy!
      (fanning ones hot flush away)

  2. Good one, Pippa, I'd looove to see them both together:-) The Ultima Thule glasses are still sold over here, there is even a sale on... Wish you a great week!

  3. so pretty your Tassel's
    and the glasse are wonderful, they are on my wishing list

    1. Thanks Kay......nice to meet another iittala lover :)

  4. Oh that blue! It's so deep and luscious, Pippa - love it :) Very excited about what your news might be - you are taking off hon! So happy for you :) Are you happy about starting back at school? Kx

    1. I think resigned more like...but I figured I will still blog, still make tassels, still make macrame, so I will figure it out somehow, how to juggle?
      Got any suggestions? :)

  5. Beautiful blue, so deep and intense. Looking forward to your news! and I also like the ultima thule glasses. I have yet to find one :(


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