Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I'm surviving...thank god for the hump, tomorrow's day off and an easy teaching day on Friday.
...I will make it to the weekend!

Has anyone else found the return to paid work from an extended time so exhausting?
..sorry for the non-post but I have no wizz bang to share but wanted to just say hello!



  1. Hello to you too Pippa ... I don't envy you your slump ... have a lovely weekend ... not long now ... Bee xx

  2. Hello back.
    It killed me when I went back to work after a long hiatus (we're talking years!), now it's killing me staying up all night finishing assignments. (yes, it's head down bum up round here, and surprise, surprise, I'm LOVING it!))
    Just remember Pippa, you're a superstar, you're gonna make it to the weekend, and BEYOND!

    "Your the one most likely to succeed
    Just be sure to keep your head
    Cause girl you know that's all you need
    Everyone around you adores you
    Don't give up the world is waiting for you"

    (theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show)

    Have a nice day tomorrow x

  3. Just what I wanted to say:-) Well put, Kylie! Oh, I know the feeling, Pippa, even on vacation I spend the last days worrying about how how exhausting going back to work will be... I certainly can't be accused of being a workaholic:-) The first week is always the worst, though, so hang in there, superstar!!

  4. After three months off every summer, returning to teaching was always hard. I wish I could tell you it got easier, but it was hard every year for thirty years. I'd get back in the groove fairly quickly and enjoy being with the students, but I'd always come home physically exhausted at first. I loved my career...but lying around vacationing in the summer was a lot more relaxing, and a lot more fun! ;)

  5. It is exhausting initially. I did a lot of crying during my first three months back at work after a seven-year hiatus. But now I'm in the groove and can't imagine what I'd do all day if I wasn't at work. (Actually, I could, but it involves a lot more money that I have.)

    Keep at it sister.xo

  6. you got it....the limes in! cheers xx

  7. I think your slumping macrame tassel says it all. The lack of bounce, the blues...please share how you got you bounce back!
    Mia X.


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