Saturday, 20 April 2013

This week......drama queen!

 This week I met my new West German, she is in the top three of my collection, if not 'numero uno'!
Wouldn't you agree?...she's a beauty! 
A one bid score on ebay, 
I'm very lucky....everybody must have been snoozing! 
A friend spied it as a Roth...this Roth will need friends!

She bought me some much needed sunshine into my busy week, back at work.

This week also brought.....some Ouch Flower in the media!

 I feel very honoured to be featured in two publications this week, Frankie Magazine and the Saturday Herald Sun newspaper-Home Magazine.

oh... and there's my prototype for the 'clay&tassel' idea...I think it could work well?

Dulux campaign-Texture Design

 In preparation for the return to work...

 Last weekend, I went on a no holds barred thrift fest!!
...a bit of a 'you've done well and deserve it type thing', 'put it on your credit card, you'll pay it later type thing', '$100 is your limit type thing'....who am I kidding, type thing!
but I did good!

Iittala Ultima Thule Carafe
I often see these carafes on eBay...dreaming of how it would look on my Iittala dinner table, so when I saw it hidden on some dusty shelves. It was reasonably priced and I knew I would of had the biggest #regretkickmyself the next day If I didn't take it home :)

 Arabia Finel, Kaj Franck.
 An unexpected purchase, I'm not a red girl but again when would I meet her again? 
It was either this kettle of a Cathrine Holm one, olive green but in a poor state and high price!
More Iittala!
 And to show you that I don't just thrift for myself...this Italian Coffee stove top maker was for Mr Ouch!
A man needs a good coffee in the morning if he's to survive Ouch Boy and me!
I also picked up another kettle but for my brother. 
It was his birthday and he's a keen camper, before he opened it I said "a bit left of centre but you'll use it", he was pleased!

Hello Mum if your reading this! xx (Ouch Grannie)



  1. omg. I have that ultima thule carafe and just this week I found the exact same coffee maker. Love the Finel teapot even though I'm not a red person either.
    I just love the clay & tassel idea. you are a legend. I love your style.
    T xx

    1. I knew we were twins! Thanks Tania! xx
      What other red things will we go for next?

  2. How lovely to see you out there in the media, Pippa!! Great to see you get some very well deserved attention:-)
    The tassel/ clay combo looks so beautiful, looking forward to seeing more of that!
    My goodness what an amazing thrift haul!! You know how I feel about Ultima Thule, right? That decanter is just a DREAM find! It's so incredibly stunning. And that other Iittala piece- gorgeous!! And HOW sunny is that Roth?!?
    Lots of exclamation marks:-) Have a gorgeous weekend, Pippa!!

    1. Great weekend to you too Tove!
      Another Iittala lover? I knew you were ACE!

      Glad you like the clay tassel combo, I will keep musing about it! xx

  3. Well done with the articles, you deserve the mention....what you make is very cool :) x

  4. It must be an absolute thrill to see your work in mags. I hope it results in sales for you!

    I haven't bought a vase, or anything really, for such a long time. I'm really yearning to but trying to control myself. Ebay scores are few and far between.

  5. Frankie mag - you've made it Pippa! Congrats and I love your new WG vase, gorgeous!

  6. Good media coverage! You are doing great!

  7. Oh, my goodness...where do I start? Congratulations on the much-deserved press. And I LOVE the clay and tassel piece. Your yellow WG is absolutely stunning, and all your thrift finds are exceptional. I especially have a soft spot for the Iittala glass pieces. Glad you treated yourself!

  8. wow big post. so much happening. nice thrifty work pippa! and big congrats on the well deserved press xx


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