Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hornsea, Lapid, Iittala & More!

 My only good place to thrift at the minute is closing down and I fear my iittala run will be over!
......and chances of coming across another Lapid let alone blue Hornsea will be over!
At least at decent prices anyway!

I frequently rush to Savers after school on Friday for a bit of me time, a chance to unwind before returning home for homemade pizza's.
Oh well :(

Not sure of the maker of this dish (mark 2525) probably Japanese?
.... but I love the mustard coloured glaze and slip decoration.

I think Lapid pottery is unique and as lovely as West German Pottery, one more and I have a collection on my hands :)

 I also picked up this nice bed spread too, teal and gold my new favourite colour combination!

 I was being silly and had been playing along with #7vignettes on instagram, this is my version of the topic 'pile'.

I had a stall at another local market this weekend, it was OK, bit slow so I made this hanger!
It will go in the shop as a made to order hanger, still not bored of chartreuse or the 'Sling' design!

Speaking of markets, I was asked by a punter if my tassels were for 'self flagellation'?
I think my jaw dropped and mumbled the response they are decorative :(

Joy of joys!

Happy week ahead to you!



  1. oh?! they are just for decoration??. lol you may have found a niche in the market. black leather, a few beads, triple the price (oh and don't forget the plain brown packaging) and away you go!!! just guessing of course!!. xx

    1. You been peeping in my windows again? ....cheeky minx xx

  2. lol allison!

    what i want to know is how many shades of grey can you whip (heh) them up in?!!!

    madly in love with your bedspread x

    1. You two are hilarious! Thanks for the giggles!
      I'm thinking of turning it into a curtain panel, is that wrong? x

  3. Haha, there's a new market for you, Pippa!!!
    The hanger is a true beauty! So is your pottery, so many amazing pieces. I agree about Lapid, they're just as gorgeous as WGP, maybe even more! So sad to hear that your favorite thrift is closing down, I sincerely hope another one will take it's place.
    Oh yes, the bedspread is amazing!!!

    1. Me too Tove!
      ...I definitely need to find another Lapid!
      It was more the ease of going somewhere close to home and I never left empty handed!

  4. oh just decoration!! may have to cancel my order! LOL x

    1. An what a shame! That macrame dominatrix outfit would of looked the bomb on you! x

  5. OMG they had to have been joking!? People say funny things ;)
    You are the best vintage finderer ever Pippa! Loving the chartreuse (as always).

    1. It takes all sorts!
      I fear my finding days are over, god bless you savers!
      And long live chartreuse! x

  6. Funny! People just say the silliest things! Love the "pile" images (you know why :)) but my favorite is the bedspread. Wishing you new hunting grounds close to home.

  7. Very silly...I'm laughing now!
    The bed spread is a good one, still pinching myself! monkey so much! xx


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