Thursday, 12 September 2013

Musings & Moving on

Just thought I'd float some ideas and musings on you all.

Time is moving on and I embrace change and development like old friends.
My thoughts of late are about direction, what to do? Where I want to be? What I want to be? etc
Without realising it, I'm now on a path of teaching my craft!

I have a done a number of macrame classes and are frequently asked to do more.
Teaching kids as you know is my other gig but now Ouch is taking on that dimension too!
I think I might like teaching! (bossing people about)

I'm starting to evolve my making too, my craft and then my art! Both intertwined aesthetically but separate?

Ok ...get to the point!
I'm turning my bigcartel shop into my serious art making place and leaving the etsy shop about the tassels! BAM!

I feel I need another place to express myself as an artist/craftsperson I'm not all about craft/tassels but I still love the tassels.
They were an accidental product that's grown legs, (very happy about that ) but I would like to be open to do other things!

I think I will make a new logo, use my full name and may or may not link to Ouch but then I don't know?

This is where I need some input!
What do you think?
Anything? Fire away, I am all ears!
This design is a photoshopped version of a gouache painting I made during the week and my personal signiture, both scanned and shuzzed on the computer.
Nothing is set in stone, i'm just playing round with things, to see what works!
Over to you!
Pippa x


  1. my whole comment just got wiped???
    WE need Cas to sort our heads for us!!!
    I will wholeheartedly embrace whatever means you use to showcase your talent Pippa.
    I opened a BigCartel shop but still keep Etsy for the extras. Great minds! Caaassssss!!!
    Tania xx

    1. I hate that when it happens!
      Thanks so much Tania! Xxx

      Now will you book the counselling session for us or will I ?

  2. I think having another place to express your other talents is a great idea, sometimes we get known for just one thing and its hard to break away from that..whatever you do will be brilliant and I look forward to seeing your new ventures xxx lots of luck xxx Jane

    1. Thanks so much Jane! Very kind of you to say, I will get to it! xx

  3. I can see your creative energy just waiting to burst out Pippa..out and onward from tassels as great as they are....I think it is a great idea both personally, creatively and professionally to move into other creative pursuits with all you have learnt in the process.... Liking the new logo idea too (What would the teacher in ME ask you to do though? - try a few other colour combinations/variations and then decide :) . As for naming, im hopeless at that sort of thing!

    1. Thankyou Mr Garrod! ...I went back and have some more paintings to now work from and I will go from there!

  4. I understand completely why you don't want to get stuck in a niche market, but also why you, as a serious artist, want to do something more. I hope this means we'll start to see more of your serious pottery work, because I was bowled over when you showed that to us. I am 100% supportive of any direction your career takes you though, because I know whatever you do will be amazing!

    I absolutely love the "petals" that radiate out from the O on your logo, and I love the colors and the signature idea. I will say, though, that my first reaction to the big center O was that it was a donut, and I was a little confused for a split second. Of course, I knew that wasn't what it was, so it all made sense after that first fleeting thought, but maybe if you play with the size and/or color of it a bit (and possibly make the "petals" longer), you can eliminate the possibility of any confusion.

    1. Oh dear your right, it does look like a donut! I will de-donut the logo, it will cause hunger pangs!
      And thanks for the input lovely lady! xxxx

  5. Great idea ... perfect to have a place you can be free to be an artist ... Bee xx

  6. Read and will comment via email later x

  7. That is a fantastic idea. You are able to spread your wings creatively that way, while still keeping the tassels & friends fires burning. Looking forward to seeing your new ventures unfold. Good luck my friend.x


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