Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ouch Boy's Day!

A simple party in a local park, by the bay!

Ouch Boy

Ouch Uncles!

These comedians hard at work at are Mr Ouch's younger twin brothers. They have both emigrated with their lovely partners from the UK. First right of passage for any new comer is the barbie duties, they did a great job, thanks Ouch Uncles!

 This Ouch uncle is mine...never to old to be thrown in the air!

 And we eggs were harmed in this race, we used golf balls! .........LOL Allison! xx

 Sack races anyone? ....pillowcases from the oppy!

Thanks for the great 'bunting' race finish line, Stacey!


The next pics are for my O.S friends. This is why I never need a beach holiday because this is only 10 min walk from home.

This fence acts as a wind break, seating and just generally good landscape architecture!

 Native tea tree in the park.

 Walkway down to the beach!

Pippa xx


  1. Looks like Ouch Boy had a great birthday party with lots of friends and fun activities. I'm glad he had a great day!

    I didn't know the beach was that close to your house. It's beautiful!

  2. Yes we are very fortunate to have our home so close, thanks Dana! Your very welcome to visit too! x

  3. ooo pippa i wanna move in!!!! looks amazing x

  4. Looks like young mr Ouch had an amazing birthday!! The pictures are so summery and wonderful! No wonder you said you'd feel at home where I come from, same dunes, sand and teal colored sky:-) Looks beautiful and very similar to the sandy stretches of "my" coast!!

  5. What a great day by the beach! I love old school games like sack races and ball n spoon! Happy Birthday to Little Boy Ouch. x


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