Friday, 4 October 2013


Making with purpose, is the type of making I like!
Making with and collaborating with others is what I like to do! fortunate for me I have a number of Craft Collaborations going on, here are some pics of some of the tassels I have made these holidays, for said collabs!!

More collab details later on as they unfolds....but I'm real excited and I hope you are too!

Pippa x

psst these 'all one colour' tassels are over 1m long, very spec xx
pssst Kylie's back, frocking up!


  1. I love the long tassels, gold spots, and YOU!

  2. What a lovely bunch of tassels! You must be really busy, because we haven't seen much of you lately. I'm taking three college courses online and working on the store website and doing a project for the school district, so I understand.:)

    1. Thanks Dana, I do think of all!
      So pleased to hear of your busyiness too, keeps us on our toes! xx

  3. Just lovely, creating with others is exciting! :) x

  4. Always excited about your new endeavors, Pippa, can't wait to see!! This lovely gang is amazing!!!

  5. I'm excited to see you collabs unfold Pippa! Love the 1m long ones. Very classy! x


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