Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ya dreaming!

In my dreams I bought this house and you all came over for the house warming. 

Nicely dressed in your long halterneck dresses and three piece suits, laden with gifts of houseplants, West Germans and Bitossi ceramics!

We ate well too, it was cocktails and canapes, on the deck, whilst the kids swim in the pool!

If you would like to dream about this house too 
then look over here!

now shhhhhhh, I'm dreaming!


  1. I just saw that home too. Gorgeous. I'll bring a pav drizzled in passionfuit when I get my invitation in the mail. xx

  2. Oh yes!, make an offer :)

  3. mmm lush but verging on too perfect! i dream of more crochet along with that light and space! xx

  4. And it's even got a bit of old school macramé haging on the wall!
    Sweet dreams Pippa, I hope they come true x

  5. How awesome is this place? Saw it on Mod Aus Facebook feed earlier today and the comments have gone nuts. Love the bathrooms.

  6. I'll whisper so I don't wake you from this wonderful dream! I'll put on my halter neck, bring along my Germans and come join you:-)

  7. Oh, my...those ceilings, those sliding doors, that fireplace. That house is dreamy, all right.

  8. i`ll be quiet cause no doubt we all have killer hangovers! sure know how to throw a partaaay pips xx


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