Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tassel Wreath

I know it's a bit early but if I have any chance of making a few things for the shop for Christmas, it needs to be now!
So a rope wreath with two skinny tassels in Emerald green with gold binding. 
I couldn't bring myself to go the whole red and green Xmas statement, as you may want to hang this beauty all year round?

 I listened to your lovely feedback and went back to painting, very addictive past time and I'll continue with this till an idea for my new branding presents itself!

so thankyou!

Off to Ouch Boy's party at the park now!...races anyone? 
Three legged, egg and spoon or sack race?

Pippa x


  1. Have fun at Ouchie's party. Hope you remembered to boil those eggs first - you wouldn't want to end up with egg on your face! (Gosh I'm a dag! That is soooo not funny!)
    I like your new paintings much more - hard to choose a fave x

  2. ooooo i love it! Your painting!!! Just wonderful! I shared my first ever canvas for a long time on my blog this week...i am making again as feels like coming home! Busby has started pre-school so have a little window of time for me again! would love you to pop over and have a peep xxxxxx

  3. Lovely've done great there, more please! Have a fantastic party! :) x

  4. Hope your boy's party went well. Hope my bunting stood the test! Yes, Kylie, I hope you boiled the eggs first Pippa!

  5. Like your rope! Thanks for not using red and green;-)

  6. oh I love the second seems to move...if you stare long known for staring at things (and people) im not rude just over interested.....I love your take on the xmas wreath too...I think you should do a big xmas tree shaped one with tassels as decos......just size naturally!....hope the party was fun xx

  7. Oh Pippa, you are a talented one! Gorgeous paintings! So glad you are doing them.


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