Saturday, 9 November 2013

Fablefolk, MadeByMosey and Ouch Flower!

 I made some friends on instagram, firstly by mutual respect of each others work, a shared giggle on life's adventures (children) then a passion for making, designing and being artists.

We decided that we should collab and bring our collective work, skills and ideas together!
What we have produced is an explosion of colour, texture and fun!
Who'd a thought tassels, beads and feathers could look so good!

 Single Tassel Drops.

 Tassel Dreamer small

 Tassel Dreamer   large

 If you would like to purchase please visit MadebyMosey SHOP

 or see the other work by Fable Folk, visit here!

Thanks so much Madeleine and Estelle, working with you Ladies and sharing this small collab has definitely been a highlight in my making adventures and a total pleasure!!!!

Pippa x


  1. Nice work ladies! I'm especially fond of the black, grey, white (and is that a navy bead?) combo.

    1. We like the ink combo too, yes I do think it's a navy bead? I haven't seen them in the flesh yet! So very excited about it! x

  2. Beautiful work! I really like the Tassel dreamers. xx

  3. What a fun collaboration! They're all wonderful.

  4. eeeek divine!!! so wished i didnt live in the uk!! so want one but do not trust our postal service and customs to let anything through! x

  5. Beautiful, they look made for each other!

  6. Absolutely beautiful line crafted right there. Love it.

  7. omg ! you guys rock. what a collab!! i adore the single drops. everything. so so good xxx


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