Friday, 15 November 2013

An Update!

Just in case you were under any delusions that teaching was a glamorous job?
Here I am sitting in the cold and rain on what we call roving duties whilst our all bright students sit their end of year exams!
Melbourne is having an unseasonal cold snap at a time when it should be pinacoladas by the pool and snags on the BBQ!
I wish I could share with you all the things I'm up too, but no time to make photo's...... :(
Tomorrow is my first very big market over at the Emu Plains.
I'm very excited and will post heaps of photo's soon! :)
I have made a small amount of things in porcelain which I'm very excited about!
I've had a few incidences of copy cat craft, which isn't nice but

I've decided to ignore and move on....who has the energy for such conflict....I don't condone it, I'm just not going to let it be a reflection on me....
And lastly.......
I'm teaching only four days next year so YAY and HURRAH cause the bags under my eyes are so big, I'm scaring my son!!
See you soon!


  1. Oh, I want to got to the emu Plains Market Pippa! I've just checked your link and it looks lovely - nothing quite like it here :(
    I'd love to see your porcelain creations.
    Great news about the four day thing. I'm really happy you will have a little more time up your sleeve - for creating and hopefully RELAXING.
    Naughty copy-cats! (I'll say no more! Ha!)
    We have had heaps of sunshine here. It's getting hot, and I'm not a fan - would trade places any day.
    Will get back to you about macramé - thanks, you sweet, thoughtful thing x

    1. Come to Melbs and I will take you, better still you can be my lovely assistant! Xx

  2. It's been such rotten weather and there's only one fab tassel lady that I know of ;)

    1. Thanks lovely Carli, hope to see you soon? xx

  3. That picture brought back so many memories of my teaching days! I looked at the market link, and I was amazed at the number of vendors who will be there. It should be a great event! Of course, I can't wait to see what kind of porcelain beauties you're going to surprise us with.

    1. Thanks Dana, I'm really excited! :)
      It's a big event!

  4. hooray for a four day week!. hooray for markets . hooray for porcelain. boo to copy cats ( &eye bags!). cant wait to see all the pics......the emu plains near me is just that... a plain... although am yet to see an emu?. you may peruse my post now!....I replied your email....just a brain fart on my behalf! xx

    1. So pleased, I didn't like being locked out ( crowdedhousesong) I will visit soon and yes boo to copycats and bags! xx


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