Friday, 22 November 2013

The White Collection

I'm really taken with this dip dyed white business!
I was asked to make a tassel garland with beads, delighted too!

The process I use renders the twine, pure white and as soft as a cloud!

Ahhhhh porcelain how I have missed you!

 I create these little bloom vases, I'm still trying to figure out what I will use to hang them far so good.

Another idea I'm thinking of is porcelain end caps for the top of tassels?

Ouch beads are back and with some porcelain ones too.

Great news is, I'm only working a four day week, next year!!!!!!!!!
Which means a whole day to do Ouch things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imagine that????????

 I won't know myself!
This blog will hopefully be more exciting too, 
sorry it's been a bit crap of late :( 

This is not crap though!
This is my new circle shelf!
I turn thirtygreat, next week and this is something I have coveted for ages!

As is this Arabia plate!

Being going to be great! :)

Arabia Fructus



  1. Congratulations on thirtygreatness! And on the four day working week.

    I love your porcelain pieces. How I covet your beads. I bought my sis one last year and she loves it, wears it regularly on a long silver chain.

    1. So nice to hear that Imogen, I'm so pleased! x

  2. Hoorah for 4 day weeks next year! Nice one. Love the bloom vases very much. Enjoy your weekend.x

  3. a whole day, you really will love it, you will feel like i did when busby started pre-school this year, it was the first time in 8 years i was child free! love that shelf! happy birthday (whenever it's mine tomorrow.....eeeek!) you youngie! x

    1. Ahhhh not so young! ....but it will do! Happy birthday kindred! x

  4. I wish I was thirtygreatness instead of fortygreatness!
    I have always wanted one of those circle shelves too - which size did you get? (I'm wondering about which one would be best for displaying the things I have, purposes...) I love your Arabia plate too. V. much. Your bloom vases are beautiful Pippa, when you work out a way to hang them I might buy me a trio for my kitchen x

    1. It's the small one, but now I want the big one, so well made, so lovely! xx

  5. dear santa ......I`ll have all the above thanks! treasures arrived today sweet pippa.....oh my gawd the necklace is perfection!.... and ol silver is gonna look so hot all tasseled up. lol the best thing about thirtygreat is its followed by thirtywine!! Al x

    1. Looking forward to thirtywine! Sounds great! So pleased your pleased!!! xxx

  6. Oh,'re full of good news. Happy belated birthday. I've been more or less missing in action lately as I did a huge project for the school district and then one for our store website.

    I love the porcelain. It's all wonderful! I say a resounding yes to the end caps for the tassels.

    And your thirtygreat gifts are fantastic! You girls enjoy thirtygreat and fortygreat and even fiftygreat. I can tell you firsthand that it beats the hell out of sixtystrive. :)

  7. Great news Pippa and happy birthday! Lovely new pieces with the white on white and the porcelain. You never stop! The blue fructus plate and round shelf are great!

  8. Huge birthdayhug from Norway, Pippa!!! How I adore your porcelain, I'm so impressed!!! The bloom vases are magnificent!! So delicate! How about natural tan leather to hang them up? The contrast between the delicat and the rough would be amazing! I'm sure whatever you choose will be too:-) Oh, and the beads....
    The shelf and plate are dream finds, so happy for you, birthday girl!!


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