Thursday, 16 January 2014

Tassel Dreamers heading off to Supergraph!

Ohhh it is so hot!

Here's me thinking, holidays I can make, make, make to my hearts content!
This heatwave has hit Melbourne right between the eye's!
I have managed a few things :)

These Tassel Dreamers are heading to Supergraph, an art fair here in Melbourne, in February.
Supergraph is a Graphic Art/ Illustration fair but these beauties not being paper goods are going to be in the Supergraph shop for a bit of difference!
The Dreamers have been described as having a graphic quality to them, which I'm rather pleased about.

Cool change tomorrow, looking forward to that! :)



  1. They're beautiful! Good luck at the art fair.

  2. Sooo much prettiness (and I never get tired of seeing that blue wall)! x

  3. I love them....I now think of you as 'tassel' queen! :) x

  4. Stay cool Pippa! And they are fabulous creations! xx

  5. Oh, they're sooo beautiful, Pippa!! I adore them! They'll sell in a flash! Good luck!!

  6. Very creative Pippa :)

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