Friday, 29 August 2014

Blog Anniversary- Third!

This time three years ago, I made this and began this blog and my journey as Ouch Flower!
It has been the best decision creatively and socially! 
Many of you have become dear friends and though we haven't met, the hug I'd give you, if we did, would be just as big!

This year, I made this!

Our beautiful Elin Mary Victoria Taylor.
 Elin means 'Light', it has roots in Scandinavia and Wales.
 It is pronounced E-lin(the Norwegian way, thanks Aunty Tove)

Her middle names of Mary for her maternal Great Grandmother and Victoria for my Aunty and Godmother Cheryl.

Born 22nd of August 2014.
At 1913 hrs, weight 2.690 kg (5 lbs, 15oz), length 50 cm.

VBAC, Natural birth.

I did have help with this one! ;)



  1. You've come a long way baby!
    (in more ways than one!)
    I know beautiful little Elin is going to bring as much joy and light to your life as her gorgeous big brother does.
    I have read your email dear Pippa and will be in touch tonight after work xxx

  2. p,s, she looks like him (her big brother)

  3. squeee!!!!!!!! although in quiet whisper so as not to wake the lovely baby! She is just a precious bonny thing! Well done Pippa! You are quite a maker!

  4. How wonderful! I'm so delighted for you all and welcome wee Elin xxx

  5. Congratulations - she's beautiful xxx

  6. Oh, hello Elin. Congratulations Pippa, she's beautiful. And I love her name. I love hearing name stories. x

  7. To my mind the best of all the beautiful things you "did." this year! Congratulations and welcome Elin

  8. Precious little cherub. She is beautiful Pippa.
    Congratulations to you and your family.xx

  9. Oh my goodness what a beauty....huge congrats to you all....XXX

  10. Such a beauty - congratulations!! xxx

  11. Congratulations Mother! I love that photo of Elin because for me it conjures the smell and feel of baby. If I wasn't such a crone I should have 100 of them. I hope you're getting some sleep and rest. Cherish every second. Carmelxo

  12. Hello Pippa, I`m Susana from Portugal. One of these days I was looking for macramé plant hangers on internet and I found your blog... I love them, they are beautiful, specially with succulents and air plants... I`m trying to learn more about macramé Knots and your blog is a precious help, so thank you for sharing!
    And congratulations for your baby!
    Susana xxx


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