Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Creativity at the Eleventh hour!

 Imagine that? ....a burst of creativity at the eleventh hour #39 weeks!
As some of you may know, I have really struggled to create throughout this pregnancy, maybe our #loveheart has been absorbing all my creativity, leaving me with nothing left?

Well alone came this book
Which I originally bought for my very artistic Niece...but now I will have to buy another!
It has opened up my mind, freed me from selfdoubt and allowed me the gentle time of soothing drawing.

 It's very easy to use, open up the book, look at the flower designs and draw! therapeutic!

I had been wanting to create a special work for the nursery and the idea of illustrating #lovehearts name in floral letters has come to mind.
I have finished one letter, the letter 'i'.
I have used water colour, gouache, copic markers and fineliner.
I'm deliberating as to whether I should add some gold too?

 Now to whether I get this finished in time????

Pippa x

 Note the cactus and sunflower? :)


  1. Isobel? I think i can see an e and and an l there too. What a lovely book. Looking forward to good news of baby loveheart soon xxx

  2. Oh, so she's not going to be Loveday after all...
    I think I need this books - it might help me perfect my stick figures ;)
    p.s.have you received a parcel from me? Posted it over a week!

  3. Replies
    1. You'll never guess! :)

    2. Mirabelle? (That's a plum - I'm going with a horticultural theme)

    3. Your drawing is beautiful. I'm guessing Iona or Isla :) ... Bee xx

  4. For a moment there, I thought I'd somehow missed the announcement of Loveheart's name. I love these pictures. They're so perfect for the nursery. I'm sure she will remember them when she's older. I still remember a watercolor my great-grandmother did for my room of a little pixie smelling a sunflower.

    Eloise is my guess. :)

    1. That picture sounds very sweet Dana, I hope these make the same memories for her too! Not sure I will reveal name on blog, might just call her loveheart for now, as her brother is ouchboy? Will email you though, with the news, when she gets here!!! xx

  5. Love horticultural names, so many to choose from, I was toying with Pruenella for a while? xx


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