Thursday, 1 January 2015

NEW ouch!

NEW ouch, NEW focus, NEW direction, NEW look.
...........a NEW year!

 These are some possible ideas for the website, if you have a preference let me know?
I'm just going to muse over them for a while and keep playing in Photoshop till I get the look I'm after?

It's been a while since I put a photo shoots together, I really enjoyed it!

My new focus for 2015 is 

bringing plants+pottery+people together

The next task is to save up for a NEW pottery wheel!

I hope you are enjoying the NEW day, of a NEW year.



  1. Hi Pippa,
    I think I like the last snap best - the Devils Ivy curled around your timber shelf - stretching out its 'arms' and giving it a hug (poetic or daggy? You choose) could be quite suggestive of, well...something to do with your new focus...I guess I just like the shape of it - a bit like a wave - a leafy Kanagawa (now that is drawing a long bow/o.t.t.)
    I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. You know I love your pottery (being the proud and v.lucky owner of one of your pieces). The three 'p's' sounds good.
    Better get off here. I should just write you a letter - so much to chat about and I don't want to hog this space.
    I've popped a couple of posts up on mine - if you can be bothered.
    Kisses to E and M and you(!), Kylie x

    1. Ah missed you! xx
      Glad you like the images, the big shot of the circle didn't work but it will make a nice postcard later on. I hope this will do till I actually make something to photograph. This was the easy bit!

  2. I'm voting for the first landscape shot - like the crop and the text inside the circle of the shelf. Strong. Happy New Year - Bernice xxx

    1. Happy New Year Bernice! Thanks I've worked on that one and think it will work! xxx

  3. Hi Pippa...Happy New Year...and what a great idea. Always look forward to seeing your ideas. I like the first image, and the second to last...maybe have the font a bit larger? Is it my glasses ...or is there a slight slope to the left on the last image ? :) Ray

    1. Glasses are fine Ray, the image was a bit slopey! Thanks for picking that up :-)
      I think I have it now! Well a beginning anyway x

  4. happy 2015 pippa! i love your new direction. your pottery is beautiful. i cant wait to seeing what you get up to this year x

  5. Happy new year! I like the second last one. Lovely styling, title is easy to read and I prefer the non-angled shot. x

  6. Oops, I just noticed you've already updated your header *blush* It looks great! x

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