Wednesday, 17 December 2014

flowers & iittala

I like flowers.
I like iittala.
I like taking pictures of flowers sitting in my iittala vases.
I like foraging for greenery to add to my floral arrangements.
I like to play 'florist'.

 I like playing photographer.

 I think paintings when I see these forms.


  1. If you painted a picture of some Australian Natives in an iittala ... or a plastic bucket for that matter ... I'd buy it. Are those Natives from your garden? If so, are those orange ones a Warratah of some sort?

    1. yes, I love them!
      sadly not from my garden but from my friendly florist, who lets me rummage her shop!
      I do like the idea of a native in a bucket, how about some WG and Bitossi too?

  2. Pippa, you put together the most gorgeous arrangements. Maybe you were a florist in another life!

    1. Funny you should say that Dana. I've been looking into floristry courses, a bit of fun whilst I'm on maternity leave!

  3. I love these flowers when put together in arrangements. See more at


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