Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ouch Babies

Here are the Ouch babies at 3 months!
Interesting how they look similar but different?....the joys of genetics!

While I was sorting through the photo's of my camera I found some that Ouch Boy had taken.
Not bad for a 6 year old, so I thought I'd share them with you!
I hope it's an interest later in life and not a passing fad?

You see things through a lens, that you might have ignored another time or in passing?

Here's another post on his photography, how his taste has changed or not? 
Technique has certainly improved?

My vote is between the 'bathroom windowsill' and his 'bedroom'?
Right out of 'real Living' ;-)

Pippa x


  1. Oh hello! To me, your beautiful babes look so very different. Genetics is awesome that way.

    I love seeing children's photos. However, when my kids take photos, they just show how messy our house is. Your place is looking admirably spotless! My votes are torn between, the photo of his bedroom, the hall and the cute snap of his sister.

    Im x

  2. I vote for 'my upside down sister' - i like an abstract sense of orientation x

  3. I love his pics particularly the last one :-D Gorgeous kids, both of them! x

  4. My grandsons saw me reading this post, and they fell in love with the Ouchbabies. They'd go back to what they were doing, and then they'd come back and say, "Let me see those babies again." :)


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