Tuesday, 27 March 2012

:: An Arabia Saga


I know..........
My heart sank when I turned around to see my beloved plate fall to the ground and shatter.
 I had stupidly stuck the plate on the wall with an adhesive hook (dam you sticky hook!)
The packet destruction's said it would hold and I wanted to respect my husbands sensitivity to yet another hole in our walls!

Husband was sympathetic and suggested I glue it back together, no one would know! 
I would know, I can't do that I said...so off the eBay to look for another.


This is what arrived, advertised as a plate but it's a bowl?
With extensive crazing, not noted in the description. 
Yet again my heart sank, 
my plate vanity was getting the best of me. 

Are you a crazing snob? Do you see it as a fault and reconsider any purchase, for that reason?
I was taught at Uni that crazing is a glaze fault, so it pitting. Any work I created, that had theses faults were considered seconds and were relegated to the garden as ornaments.

I had a sincere correspondence with the eBay seller, about her description, of lack off etc but cost wise it wasn't possible to return the bowl...I was already out of pocket.
As time has passed I have come to love my bowl for all her faults and mine!

Every saga has a happy ending.....I came home last night from teaching TAFE and my heart leapt!
Isn't see a beauty?
With a nail in the wall, she has pride of place in the kitchen!
All 24cm of her!




  1. I usually avoid buying pieces that have considerable crazing...but then I remind myself that I have quite a few signs of age myself, so I'm becoming a bit more forgiving where the crazed old gals are concerned. :)

    I love happy endings...so, of course, I'm thrilled about your plate!

  2. Just goes to show,good things come to those who wait.Seems to be well anchored.Think there might be a fight brewing between you mid-mod century girls-who gets the Seidler house.

  3. Thanks for popping by Simmone, yes there is not enough Seidler for us all but I will let the girls park their retro caravan's and hand out a few power cord's as well!

  4. It's funny how these things happen; or rather what we learn from all the 'things' that happen. I used to be a perfectionist but now I love nothing more than a bit of 'wonkiness' :) Glad it's a happy ending. Kx

  5. I know what you mean, wonkiness can have it's charm! Thanks for visiting! ;)

  6. Glad all worked out well. Gorgeous plate! Hope we can pop inside for a shower or two as well from the vans on the front lawn. x

  7. The plate looks lovely! I'm not that bothered about crazing - it's chipped stuff that I (usually) avoid (even if it's on the underside)... x

  8. Thanks for popping by Col!

    And Donna it goes without saying of course you have accesss to the bathroom @ Rosies house! Just put the money in the meter!:)

  9. Here is the post! When I picked up the Arabia plate a couple of weekends back I couldn't remember who had featured it. Then Kylie said Pippa would like it and I saw your post so now I know. Thanks, I may have over looked the plate it if I hadn't seen this post! There was a bowl also but had a bit of brown crazing on it so left it there.

  10. Sooo pleased, that's what sharing does! Still jealous though, one day I will come across one in the wild, I'm not against adding to my collection! Thanks for telling me your story.....the Arabia saga continues! :)


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