Saturday, 15 December 2012

: Blog-Design-Dedication #5

This 'Black Macramé Sling Hanger' with vintage orange macramé beads has been inspired by Dana @ Mid2Mod!

I had already designated the black as the Mid2Mod colour, it's a classic, as are the posts on Dana's blog.
If you love midcentury design and all it encompasses, then this is a good place for you to go! 
(if your already a convert, then I can see you nodding your head!)

I have been sitting on this design for ages, she had remained unfinished....till I found a lovely pile of vintage macramé beads from a local market...then I saw Dana's post on her front door and then, as they say the rest is history!

Dana shares many loves!.... 
West German Pottery, Midwinter Pottery, Teak Furniture and Ranches!
Scandinavian Glass, Interior Design, Architecture
Succulents, Cacti, Planters and Air Plants!
Orange and Turquoise!
Books and Teaching!
and her Family!

 Now back to the dedication, dare I say it...this black hanger is a bit sexy too!

 Now Dana, I dedicate this hanger to you because I think you are FAB! 
Thanks for posting amazing designs on your blog, researching thoughtfully and keeping us Aussie girls in Mid-century Bliss!!

And thanks for commenting and supporting my adventures too!

Big Hug!

Next year I will also be designing a range of Ouch Beads inspired by the Atomic era! 
With Dana's help of course! 
Her doing all the leg work in research and me enjoying the posts!!! :)
(check out the yellow and black ouch beads!)


  1. Nailed it! And I was nodding my head as soon as you said who this hanger was dedicated to! Perfect. Dana is one classy, kind and knowledgeable lady. I love her too.

  2. Great hanger - the beads in this one really pop. Wonderful dedication. Dana is awesome - as is her blog. Speaking of which, must head over to her blog now and check out the frontdoor! Can't wait to see the Atomic era inspired beads too. All good things to come from Ouchflower in 2013!!
    ps Over the moon with my purchases - you rock!!xx

    1. Thanks Donna, check out that door, very could have it's own blog! :0

  3. Beautiful Pippa. A new favourite. Everything you say about Dana is spot on, but apart from all that, she is one of the nicest bloggers around. Her comments are always so positve and meaningful. No one or two word throw-a-way lines from her! I really apreciate what she has to say and the time she puts into writing them (hear that Dana?)
    This hanger would look stunning by her front door. Love those orange beads. x

    1. She is going to be chuffed I'm sure! Here we are singing her praises and she is fast asleep! LOL!

      I have a smaller set of orange beads, saved for you xx

  4. This is so great, Pippa, gorgeous hanger inspired by a really great lady. I agree with you, Kylie, her comments really are meaningfull! Can't wait until she comments this:-)

  5. Hey Dana...wake up!!....Pippa its beautiful! Sleek and classy....and your right ,just a little sexy. Love that last pic. Cant wait to see your beads in the new off to knock on Danas front door!!.
    Allison x

    1. Thanks Allison! loved the door, didn't you? :)

  6. Pippa, you made my day. I've been feeling all down and out with a cold, and I perked right up when I saw this gorgeous hanger. I am so honored by your dedication, as I think you are one of the most talented ladies I know, and this hanger is just another example of your amazing creativity. It's spectacular. I am also so appreciative of all the nice things your readers have said. You're all so very lovely and kind.

    1. Ahhhhh shucks! My pleasure entirely.....and the others are just telling it how it is! xx

  7. The hanger is gorgeous, I love orange, it's one of my faves. Dana's page is fabo, great info and I learn something every time!

  8. It's certainly a favourite of mine! I'm an orange lover too!


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