Sunday, 29 June 2014

Maternity Leave, Etsy shop and my musings!

Hello there, 

I just wanted to touch base and say a huge thanks for your lovely support of my creative ventures.. since starting this blog!

As I'm now finally on maternity leave #32pregnant and preparing for the arrival of our little loveheart. 

I have decided to close down the etsy shop :( ....cause I just don't see a return to tassel making in the foreseeable future?

 Having it on holiday mode was still leaving folk questioning when they would return and so by closing it, might allow for some moving on?
Etsy say I can return anytime, thanks Etsy!:)

I look at some old pics and see what the tassels were and at the time, I was very much enthused by them and I'm still proud of them too but if that's all I make from now on then I'd be disappointed in myself for not trying to venture forth into something else?
If you have any thoughts on this matter feel free to butt in ?

The pottery course I just did, was a bit of a fizzer and has left me with more questions then answers but that may just be the path I am on or is it the hormones talking, please feel free to butt in?

So for now it's nursery decorating for me!
I'll be back soon with that at some point :)

See you on instagram, if you really keen to see what I'm doing whilst my belly expands over the next couple of weeks!!
 Thanks for reading my post :)