Saturday 31 March 2012

:: Collections # 3

I spied these beauties and pounced!
I'm amazed how in a seconds shop, it can be busy with people and yet these finds are still up for the taking!

I'm loving my new sweet West German piece to add to my collection, now boasting three!

I'm hoping this antler was ethically found? 
I hope to draw it some day!
Honey Pot? or Maple Syrup? I love the Art Deco lines.
Why aren't our daily kitchen wares today, been given this much thought to form and function?

I suppose that's our collective reason to revere the pasts design offerings because we will no longer be fooled by shoddy design, manufacture and material use!

I love Vintage/Retro/Mid Century!


Friday 30 March 2012

:: A Fashionista's Text Book!

I had to share this book!
I'm no Fashionista but I love design, social history and photography, this book has it all!
My favourite out of the top 100 are;

 Dance Dress- Love this!

Trousers for women- It's all I wear!

 Shoulder Pad- I was too young for this but I remember my Mothers!

 Mod- I would of been a Mod!

 Mini- My father once told me he nearly crashed his car due to this garment, Old Perv!

 Paper Dress- My mother had one of these!

 Funk- If I could carry it off, I'd Fro!

Grunge- This was my dress code growing up, not very inspiring but hey we were dazed and confused!

I hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane?
Hope you are well and hello to anyone new to Ouch Flower, your very welcome!


Tuesday 27 March 2012

:: An Arabia Saga


I know..........
My heart sank when I turned around to see my beloved plate fall to the ground and shatter.
 I had stupidly stuck the plate on the wall with an adhesive hook (dam you sticky hook!)
The packet destruction's said it would hold and I wanted to respect my husbands sensitivity to yet another hole in our walls!

Husband was sympathetic and suggested I glue it back together, no one would know! 
I would know, I can't do that I off the eBay to look for another.


This is what arrived, advertised as a plate but it's a bowl?
With extensive crazing, not noted in the description. 
Yet again my heart sank, 
my plate vanity was getting the best of me. 

Are you a crazing snob? Do you see it as a fault and reconsider any purchase, for that reason?
I was taught at Uni that crazing is a glaze fault, so it pitting. Any work I created, that had theses faults were considered seconds and were relegated to the garden as ornaments.

I had a sincere correspondence with the eBay seller, about her description, of lack off etc but cost wise it wasn't possible to return the bowl...I was already out of pocket.
As time has passed I have come to love my bowl for all her faults and mine!

Every saga has a happy ending.....I came home last night from teaching TAFE and my heart leapt!
Isn't see a beauty?
With a nail in the wall, she has pride of place in the kitchen!
All 24cm of her!



Saturday 24 March 2012

:: My Top 5 Covet List!

#1 Featherston Chair
any would do, not fussy!


An uber cool icon of Australian Mid Century Furniture, fetching over or close to $ 9000 AUD, fully refurbed!
Ridiculous but I could buy a knock off for $1500....NOT! 
Hence it's numeral uno on the Covet list!

#2 Rose Seidler House.


A wee weekender in the N.S.W Highlands designed by Architect Harry Seidler between 1948-1950, for his parents Rose and Max Seidler.
Are you coming to the house party?

#3 Lisa Larson


I just love these....the sweet expressions!

#4 Sanderson's Fabric & Wallpaper
-'Dandelion Clocks'


I would cover a chair or a wall in this design or maybe both. Its so quintessentially English!

#5 Russell Wright Pottery


Pure harmony,form and function....sigh!

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:: My Top 5 Covet List - Blog link in!

Cute aren't they? Have I got your attention?

Exciting news......... 
Tomorrow, a global link in @ 7pm will cause some serious traffic!

Please come back to see, what each blog has listed, as their:

My Top 5 Covet List!

The lists will include coveted things from Design, Architecture, Fashion, Homewares, Film etc with a Mid-Century/Retro/Vintage vibe!

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:: Colour Addiction

This was my example to show the girls
 Polymer Clay bead jewellery is hugely popular in Melbourne! (same near you?) 
There are many great tutorials out there to give you the heads up! 
So I found one I liked and decided this would be the craft session I would introduce to my school craft group. 
It's a bit like a sewing circle we meet once a term, make and have a natter!

clay colour and the colour blends you can make are infinite.
The pattern on my bracelet is called GEO, use a blade to slice of small slivers to get the effect.

Then I went nuts, this is very addictive!

Add some coloured cotton!

Remember finger knitting?

And yes More!

My best advice is to:
  • Make with a friend/s
  • Pre-heat the clay blocks first using a wheat bag or hot water bottle, easier on the hands!
  • Blend your colours, don't just use the original block colour, the colour variety is endless!
  • To blend, flatten piece of differing colour clay like a pancake, roll all layers up like a cigar, then roll into a ball, then roll into a sausage and repeat ALOT till colours blend!
  • Mix bright colours with earthy tones (tertiary colours) for greater visual effect!
  • Use a bamboo skewer to create thread hole in bead and decorative effects.
  • Wash hands between colours or wear plastic gloves.
  • Use clear elastic to thread up your bracelets. 
  • follow baking instructions on clay packet strictly, burning clay smells rank!


Friday 23 March 2012

:: Danish Darling!


Mid2Mod's post on Krenit bowls has had me in a spin!
So when I spied them in this lovely Danish Home I had to share!



 I think I will have to get some!                       
What a lovely home too!


Tuesday 20 March 2012

:: Louise Body

I'm speechless..........but I will find the words.

Louise Body's wallpaper and fabric designs are beautiful that I had to send an email, requesting to share.
I love flowers and plants and I love botanical prints and I would love to have her work in my home one day!