Saturday, 24 March 2012

:: Colour Addiction

This was my example to show the girls
 Polymer Clay bead jewellery is hugely popular in Melbourne! (same near you?) 
There are many great tutorials out there to give you the heads up! 
So I found one I liked and decided this would be the craft session I would introduce to my school craft group. 
It's a bit like a sewing circle we meet once a term, make and have a natter!

clay colour and the colour blends you can make are infinite.
The pattern on my bracelet is called GEO, use a blade to slice of small slivers to get the effect.

Then I went nuts, this is very addictive!

Add some coloured cotton!

Remember finger knitting?

And yes More!

My best advice is to:
  • Make with a friend/s
  • Pre-heat the clay blocks first using a wheat bag or hot water bottle, easier on the hands!
  • Blend your colours, don't just use the original block colour, the colour variety is endless!
  • To blend, flatten piece of differing colour clay like a pancake, roll all layers up like a cigar, then roll into a ball, then roll into a sausage and repeat ALOT till colours blend!
  • Mix bright colours with earthy tones (tertiary colours) for greater visual effect!
  • Use a bamboo skewer to create thread hole in bead and decorative effects.
  • Wash hands between colours or wear plastic gloves.
  • Use clear elastic to thread up your bracelets. 
  • follow baking instructions on clay packet strictly, burning clay smells rank!



  1. Oh my, these are adorable! I especially love the geo beads...what a fun project! ~Lily

  2. Thanks for popping by Lily and commenting! I really enjoy reading your blog!

  3. I have got to get some of this stuff! My girls love beading but it's generally the awful gaudy plastic stuff from beading kits you get truckloads at birthday parties. But this stuff ... I'd be happy to have it come into the house & I'd definitely be wearing some of their creations if crafted like yours. btw ... found you via Katherine at The Old Boathouse.

  4. Thanks for popping by littlemissairgap, looking forward to seeing whst you make with your girls. Some online sites are cheaper than spotlight I have found!


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