Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Still dreaming

 Still dreaming but this time it's the Dreamer!

This Sunflower inspired Dreamer was supposed to be finished over the holidays but as always, I tend to fill my holidays up so much that I don't get everything done on time!......note on time, I'm still pushing myself to create, regardless of the fact I work full time, I'm in denial!
I figured that if full time teaching was all I did, then I would be sad and unfulfilled..... so enter ouch flower. 
It's alot of behind the scenes work and I struggle to juggle!
I'm constantly thinking and musing about my ideas, It's really important to me that I keep developing my skills and keep challenging myself. 

So I did!
Here's the process of making.

 Starting off small.

 then bigger!

 and bigger!
 It's starting to take shape at this point, less sea creature to more controlled design, can you see the sunflower forming?
I added a long tassel in black and some smaller tassels to finish the look.

This is certainly the beginning of a new direction, 
something cleaner, simpler
... a bit of Scandi with bold dashes of colour 
but natural to balance it out!

oh and don't forget the metallic too!

To be honest with you I think I'm growing up!


pss.. the stand was a thrift find, covered in that green plastic, but Mr Ouch peeled it away, sanded it back and resprayed it black. 
I'm very pleased with the results and grateful for his help! xx


  1. you are really going from strength to strength Pippa, this work is really outstanding, and so elegant too x

    1. Thanks so much Max for popping, so pleased you like it! xx

  2. omg i adore it! I would love a giant one on my wall!!!love love love love love!!!!

    1. Thanks Jane! Once I find a huge metal ring then it's on! xx

  3. It's beautiful Pippa!
    Do you know what it looks like to (a non-creative like) me in the fourth and fifth pic? A headache! All those bits of string to knot and control - it would do my head in and induce a migraine! I would end up with a knotty mess on my hands instead of a thing of beauty like your Sunflower.
    Mr Ouch did a brilliant job on your pot-plant holder - you'd never guess that it used to be covered in yukky Federation Green plastic! x

  4. is that for sale? pls say yes :)

  5. It's gorgeous Pippa! Fabulous work. I think it's like the old adage that we refine our work and our style the more we do... and you're doing amazing things :) Kx

  6. oh so beautiful Pips. love it. growing up may just be a good thing hey??. x who would have thought it?? x

  7. Absolutely beautiful! You keep coming up with amazing projects.

  8. Oh, it's SOOO gorgeous, Pippa!! I love seeing the prosess pictures too, it looked beautiful at every step of the way! Doing creative work in your free time is SO rewarding, but it takes a lot of determination to not just hit the couch after a full day of work is done. I hope you keep doing what you're doing Pippa, it's amazing!!


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