Monday, 25 February 2013

Time well spent

New plant friend, Devils Ivy
Tapio Wirkkala Ultima Thule desert bowls and a large bowl in the Kekkerit pattern

Time thrift mad! 

Arabia Sunflower mug
The latest Guttering Planter in yellow

Remember Goliath? He's doing better and is spouting some friends! 

Couldn't resist this sweet little West German!

More glass lovelies but not sure of the maker?

Bought a small loom

Made a weaving with the Tassels that didn't make the grade!

 Now need a larger loom, I'm on the look out because I can see table mats and runners as a new ouch line!

New Tassel idea with the copper pipe!

New macramé jewellery idea brewing!

Sneak Peek...........Paravent/Ouch Collab!

What Kinder Kid does after Kinder!

Shabby and broken but I had to bring this dish home.
 If it was in great nick, I probably wouldn't be able to afford it, Whatever this little danish piece is?

West Germans

'Man Friday' Wedgwood 1950
 I'm totally in love this pattern, it speaks to me!

Thrift-retro brass cuff with gemstones and wood inlay.

Me in Real Living :)

That's me updated!

Looking forward to more!


Sunday, 24 February 2013

spending my time

I'm using my Long Service Leave time well....lots of making, thrifting and ouch business but this young man is at the centre of it all  and he can't resist a chance to get in front of a styling shot!

I just wanted to share another post I'll show you all the other stuff....


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Think of a cascading green wall....

 That's what I said to Mr Ouch!

I had this idea , I googgled it apparently this is an idea pretty popular for growing seedlings and low rooting veg.
I thought that it would translate well for a succulent planter, to create a waterfall of green.

Lucky for thrifty us, we had already procured the guttering from a skip :)
We bought the rest we needed from a hardware place and the rest was left in Mr Ouch's capable hands!
If you give this a try, make sure you drill holes for drainage and use good succulent potting mix!

This is a cheap alternative for an instant vertical garden.
We chose the teal together and the second guttering will be yellow! 
Nice pops of colour for the garden.

 I will keep you posted on it's cascadingness...fingers crossed!
 ...btw they are donkey tail succulent cuttings....I'm nothing if thrifty!!

 Meet chosse weird names?  ...and a new garland for a baby boy on his christening!
These Tassels are secured directly to the twine and are smaller, 10 all up.
Considering it as another tassel alternative?
Might call it the 'Wee' Garland?

Got something better????

A bit of thrifting! Murano glass, Ellis pottery (Australian) and Flora iittala.
Imagine my surprise after I got it home and did some googgling! 
I love iittala!


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Thonet Love & another Tassel Twin!

I can really understand the appeal of Thonet chairs.

I came across this one on Friday, in good condition with a few scratches, nothing a sanding and polish wouldn't solve!
...and it was $25.00!

I decided that although I was not needing another would be great for styling the Tassel shots?
The trend of painting them bright colours is really popular here, should I paint mine?
If I would be yellow!

 She just sits there with femininity and poise, a nice little flick out of the leg!

The joys of being a chair lover is the joy of being a chair lover!

The Tassel Twins, I have recently made are going to some very dear friends!
It's their birthdays!
I have chosen the colours to suit their personalities and decor.
One has a serious love for Kylie Minoque and the other, the colour Turquoise!

 Happy Birthday Ladies! xx


Ps- I'm the latest issue of Real Living Magazine...bit chuffed! :)

Friday, 15 February 2013

Tassel Twins -SHOP

A pair of larger, fuller, heavier Tassels, dyed to your colour choices, strung together for instant wall art!

Something new in the SHOP, a new tassel idea!


Thursday, 14 February 2013

My other LOVE's

I don't think I have too many plants, just not enough WG plant pots to put them in?
Whilst I have been on leave from work, this has been one of my noble pursuits, matching plants with their planters!

Those of you who watched 'Perfect Match' in the 80's....would Dexter be proud? LOL

 I have a massive crush on Orla Kiely, I saw her planters online and had to have!

 Purple WG! I know, I know!...a very lucky find!

 Vintage macramé for the garden!
They were $5 each, I could not buy the twine materials for that!

Master Ouch, now decorates on his own accord, we may need to have a decorating standoff!
I sometimes wonder if a four year old should not know so much about macramé and cacti!
Will this help him in the future?

 Happy Valentines!


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Scandi your heart out!

 I think I'm zpagetti converted!
What do you think?

 Do you think she's ethereal?
White, snowy...pure looking with a hint of Scandi, with the blonde wood?

Now this is love isn't it?..... Mr ouch holding up the hanger for me.

...and this was a special order, love the tassel garland in Sapphire, do you?