Saturday, 22 December 2012

:: Santa's Coming...

 This will be me for the foreseeable future...insert hand with a glass of home brew peach cider!

 Rarely will I be out of my PJ's too....but I will frequent the Pedicure Shop cause nice feet and nails is just that.. nice!

 I will wait for my Sunflowers to bloom....

 And eat from our veggie patch!

So from my little Elf to YOU and YOURS! 

We say Thankyou for being a great support and blog friend, 
Merry Christmas and we wish you Love and Happiness for 2013!

Love Pippa and The Ouch Family

psst I'm on leave till April 2013!!! Thankyou Big Jolly Man and the Teaching Dept! WOOOOOHOOO :)

I know some of you know this already, it's just that I have been given the gift of time...a priceless commodity in our society. 
...I will use it well :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

::Ouch Beads...last ones for 2012

The Gelati colours remind me of someone.........

if your wondering what Donna from Hung Up on Retro looks like or her personality, then these beads are it!

She popped round the other day and love the yellow I could take it or leave it...... but when she popped this coloured bead sung! now I love the colour!

So Donna, these are your colours! 
Summery, sweet, lovely....and a little bit fruity! xx

Bumble Bee anyone?
Indigo raindrop?
Here's a little sneaky peak on what other ideas I plan to play with in 2013!

Bloom vases in the celedon glaze!

One more working day!


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

:: Goings On

As usual the arrival of the jolly bearded man has sent us into a frenzy of I did a mad dash stitching stint last night because I had to finish my softie contribution to the 'Softie for Mirabel'

I have cut it pretty fine, time wise but here he is, loads of character with a cheeky grin!
He's resting on my new thrifted plate, love Figjo!

I have to quickly make another one though, as the boy wasn't best pleased when he realised it was not for him :(

I found three shell hangers at our local lovely in my book!
Do you like shell hangers or do you roll your eyes and tut, like Mr Ouch did?

Our Xmas tree, wonky but lovely, I've been meaning to straighten it but it has a certain charm?

The pebbles and shells around the base were the boy's idea, stop people from bumping into it mummy!
 I love a four year olds thinking!

A new macramé idea!
Turning the hanger on it's head!
Tassel up rather than down!

The hanger will accommodate any size pot within reason, have a look at it with a small white plant pot below!

More vintage beads!

With the tassel up top, it could be called a 'Tassel Top' hanger or a "Ponytail hanger, what do you think?
Do you like it?
Glass or ceramic pot, which look do you like?

Nice to buy a white pot from a chain store and not see 'made in china'!

and these necklaces are in the shop if your struck on what to buy yourself for Xmas! :)

I wish you well in your Chrissie preparations, I'm on school countdown, 3 more days to go!


Saturday, 15 December 2012

: Blog-Design-Dedication #5

This 'Black Macramé Sling Hanger' with vintage orange macramé beads has been inspired by Dana @ Mid2Mod!

I had already designated the black as the Mid2Mod colour, it's a classic, as are the posts on Dana's blog.
If you love midcentury design and all it encompasses, then this is a good place for you to go! 
(if your already a convert, then I can see you nodding your head!)

I have been sitting on this design for ages, she had remained unfinished....till I found a lovely pile of vintage macramé beads from a local market...then I saw Dana's post on her front door and then, as they say the rest is history!

Dana shares many loves!.... 
West German Pottery, Midwinter Pottery, Teak Furniture and Ranches!
Scandinavian Glass, Interior Design, Architecture
Succulents, Cacti, Planters and Air Plants!
Orange and Turquoise!
Books and Teaching!
and her Family!

 Now back to the dedication, dare I say it...this black hanger is a bit sexy too!

 Now Dana, I dedicate this hanger to you because I think you are FAB! 
Thanks for posting amazing designs on your blog, researching thoughtfully and keeping us Aussie girls in Mid-century Bliss!!

And thanks for commenting and supporting my adventures too!

Big Hug!

Next year I will also be designing a range of Ouch Beads inspired by the Atomic era! 
With Dana's help of course! 
Her doing all the leg work in research and me enjoying the posts!!! :)
(check out the yellow and black ouch beads!)

Friday, 14 December 2012

:: The Mouseman Stool

 The Mouseman Furniture, designed by Robert Thompson all have the signature carved mouse, hence the Mouseman title!
This calf stool, given to my Father by his Mother on our impending move to the Australia in 1980.

So this stool is part of my childhood and became mine when I married. My Brother was not happy, that I had snaffled it under his more mature and married nose...but could you blame me?

 Made from English Oak and hand quote them

"Robert Thompson’s craftsmen create oak furniture for the home designed to fit within both the traditional and contemporary styles of living that today’s modern world offers. We provide choices in the final look of your personal, hand crafted item to fit your living environment. Today’s investment will become tomorrow’s heirloom.
Keep an eye on that mouse tho’, he’s partial to cheese!"

Squeak squeak

Hello Lisa Larson

A few marks left by plant pots over the years, some mine :(

Remember the great find, I came across last week...the Olivetti Studio 44?
 I found this great Ad, had to share!

Happy Weekend to you all,

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

:: Blog Reno's

Hello, still me...just doing a clean up, shuzz as they say!

Now that I have changed the template I can properly reply to my comments, that was really errrrking me before!

I also wanted to tone down the pink and simplify the logo etc, I should be cleaning said house but ...whatever!

It's not over but we are getting there!

Back to work ...

:: Kid 'Creative'

 What to send to the Grandparents in the UK, for Xmas?....(if your reading this turn away!)

A lovely photo of their #1 Grandson and some Art!

 I picked up some lovely frames and got the 'Creative' onto the task!

My $200 coloured pencil's helped induce the necessary spark of  creativity and then away he went!

 Rainbows are the current theme of choice and who wouldn't like that?

 A good result and will hopefully bring some Xmas cheer to the Oldies!
How's your Xmas prep going?


Monday, 10 December 2012

:: Wearable Art

 Red, Black, Pumpkin on Black Silk.
Pink, Tangerine, Blue on Turquoise Leather
Red, Black on Black Silk.
Blue, Blue, Blue on Turquoise Leather
Blue, Blue, Pink on Turquoise Leather

Blue, Celedon, Pink on Turquoise Leather

Celedon on Black Silk-Black on Turquoise Leather

Celedon on Turquoise Leather

Celedon #2 on Turquoise Leather
Pink, Blue, Tangerine on Turquoise Leather
Pink, Red, White on Turquoise Leather
Pink, White, Blue on Turquoise Leather

I  really appreciate the feedback you lovely blog people give and I have listened!

These beauties will go in the shop as soon as my shipment of leather cord comes in.......but if your overcome with ouchie desire and wish to reserve one for yourself or your BFF, let me know in the comments and I'll hold it for you!


Prices will range from $35.00 to $40.00, depending on bead combo :)