Thursday, 28 March 2013

Dahlia in the home.....

A dreary Melbourne morning but this Dahlia is just perfect and see great tassel inspiration too!
Sharing over at Lou's space.........


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

this is why I'm smiling

I learnt that I am responsibility for the success of us 'living the dream'... a dream I have had all my adult life!

To make, for a living!

So yesterday and today I did just that.......your looking at my etsy banner, ouch has another shop!

If I want too tassel the world then the worlds biggest marketplace could just be the right place to start? ...duh!

I learnt that as a 'right brainer' I'm not happy if I am not pursuing my creativity and cultivating it!

I learnt that it's OK to want to make money, support ourselves and our families from an income generated by doing what we love!....Yeah sista!!

I learnt that we all must have an apprenticeship, continue to develop, build resistance to obstacles and be persistence (not pushy) If we are to achieve the BIG FAT DREAM!

I learned this in a safe, nurturing environment, through song with cake, with a whole lot of women creatives!

Via Pip's Meet Me At Mikes.
Day one
Clare asked us to write down what our BIG FAT DREAM was 5 years from now!

I started with the fact that Ouch Boy would be nine and went on from there........
Why? cause he's along for the journey and we quite like him.

All the day one speakers were pretty amazing but Kemi won my heart
She runs Kemi's Raw Kitchen and champions a change to our diets to "eat more raw'!
Simple, not cooked vegies but raw!
Her passion, wit and sheer stage presence had us hooked! Watch her video, you'll see!

That's a women whose living a passionate life!

Clare leading us through song!
Here's Clare she lead us and brought us together as a community by doing what she's passionate about.... music!
She was amazing!
We sang this!

(Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-ship song)

Clare talked to about finding the 'Bingo spot'.

That's where your 'Big Fat Dream', your 'what you love doing' and 'what people want' collide, as in a Venn diagram!

I'm still working on that :)

She told us that we should think of marketing ourselves or our idea/product with integrity and authenticity in mind. 
That building a relationship with our customers/clients etc based on trust should be paramount
or quote "bad shit will happen" then she showed us this

Your gonna have a girl crush on this lady!

For the rest of the day:
.....we heard from a lady called 
Catherine Deveny,

 is a writer, comedian, author, social commentator and broadcaster well known for her work as columnist with The Age newspaper and as a ABC regular

Who had us in hysterics. 
She's a brave feisty woman that pulls no punches!
Her advice to women is to quote 'aim for fuck off status'. 
That's is where your standing on your own too feet, supporting yourself and your family, you don't need a man to do it etc...

She said some controversial things like, send your kids to public school, use the public health system, live in a cheap house, live in a cheap suburb and bring up your kids to be independent!

..I like anyone who believes in the state school system...we are doing our best!

 We ended the day with crafternoon and I went home, a very elated but exhausted mummy! I made it home for storytime.

report on Day 2....soon :)

Monday, 25 March 2013


Hello! I'm Pippa, Ouch Flower.
Pleased to meet you!

 I have been on an amazing conference this past weekend...
The Big Hearted Business Conference!

I spent the past two days smiling and introducing myself and expressing my big picture hearts desire!
I yet can't put into many words what my experience was like, I'm still buzzing and emotional!
.....but I will leave you with this and get back to you on it!

Imagine a room full of 200 women and three men,  a panel of amazing  women speakers, with one man, talking about what it means to be a creative?
Imagine a place where we gave yourself permission to dream of earning, supporting your family doing what you love...and then a place where they tell you ways on how to do it!   OMG, to do it!

Then add Clare Bowditch, a 'glowing angel'...then add singing, eating cake, pom pom making, champagne, talking, laughing, crying, more laughing and more!

 Check out Pip's Meet me at Mikes photo's if you would like to see more?

and a new tassel idea too

Pippa x

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dulux LMFF, Design Files and OUCH!

Via The Design Files

Hello, these images are on TDF this morning!

...and look

...some tassels!

I made a pal on insta called Bree.
She asked me to participate in this great styling adventure for Dulux!

I think she has done an amazing job at styling and the photographer (Mike Baker)is pretty cool too!

Go and say hi to

Bree's Blog
Texture Design FB
.......or try instagram!
Look up Bree Leech :)


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Got away!

 Mr Ouch and I decided that little Ouch needed an adventure with maximum travel experiences! (low cost)

Yesterday morning at 6am we boarded a suburban train to Frankston, then a Vline to Stony Point and then a ferry to French Island!

A reward for early risers!

Little Ouch
 On arrival to our accommodations, we were again rewarded with the site of this furry bottomed creature! 
Kev the Koala!

 And this view!

 This is me getting arty with the camera whilst we wait for our lunch!
French Island has a very rugged coastline, very different to our bay beaches. 
All mangroves and amazing bird life!

 We stayed at the McLeod Eco Farm, once an old prison, still eerily has the old prison signage.

 Then I met this wall hanging, in the old rec hall/education centre!
I think I squealed with delight too!
 This is the first time I have seen one of these weaving's in the flesh......I so wanted to release it from its imprisonment and take it home with me!
I know now why we had come!

Now a farm full of contented animals
The old library
View of Prison perimeter

Prison cells with sea views

 I let little ouch have a go at the camera...I said photograph things you like...he said I like you mama and took this...ahhh bless!

knackered waiting for the ferry home!
Bye French Island


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tinsel Tassel-Tastic

Look what I woke up too!

Order yours here!

Sunday- Melbourne Inside Out, Savvy Shopper,
The Age,page 10-11, March 17th 2013.

(ridiculous smile right now)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Crying shame....

Can you see the train wreak about to happen?

 Today I thought I'd share my monumental stuff up!

I'm so proud that....
1. I managed to assemble this vintage loom! Look at the packaging , 'Vintage Girl' smiling, weaving away, look mummy!   ....pphifft!!!!

Skivvy Wearer!
Pandora's Box....nothing but trouble here...Beware!
Don't get woooed by the TYPE
  2. Deciphered the Vintage instructions!

 3. Gathers all the naughty string!....I'll straighten you out Bucko!

But what person fails to warp the twine into straight lines?...what's with the diagonals??? (twit)

Now you have buckling, uneven warp and a whole load of trouble!

So now all delusions to my craftiness have been shattered.... LOL

All jokes aside I will undo this weave, straighten up the warp....and be back soon with a weave!

...can't have Vintage Skivvy Wearing Girl Smirking!

Have you stuffed up craft wise? 
Show us, lets swear, cry and laugh about it?

This post is for you Estelle xxx


Sunday, 10 March 2013

New WG, New friend x 2, New Macrame!

 New WG!
An amazing glaze too!
Me thinks a dry barium glaze, the copper carbonate makes the blue/purples in glazes which I love!
Correct me if I'm clay brain is a bit dusty!

Today I'm linking in with Lou from Little Green Shed
She has a blog link in, every Saturday, where you can showcase what 'Nature' things you have brought into the home called 
"Nature in the Home"

Isn't that up our alley? ....join in..let's show them what lovely Aussie Flora we have!!
Mine today is a weed?
We picked it up on the way home from the you do!

 A New Macrame
I'm on a roll, this one I have dip dyed twice, a bit of a wet logistic nightmare but well worth the results?

I will continue with this type of macramé wall hanging I think and will have them in the shop soon!

.....a small but heart felt thanks to you lovely folk who have taken the time to comment time and time spur's me on and I really really appreciate it! xx

Another new friend!
Seen in an oppy by another new friend, who knew I was on the look out!...Thanks Estelle !!!!
Now it's assembled...I'm slowly figuring out how to warp it!
Gotta love retro instructions!
...then it's weave time!
I have loads of naughty tassels to repurpose and I'm slightly excited!!!

If your in Melbourne?..I'm so over this heat! :(

If your not? 
What's the weather like at your place?


Monday, 4 March 2013


This is what 225m of twine, a dye bucket and some nice beads can be used for!
I think I would like to make another one!
All 1.75 m of her

Bit pleased with myself!
Pippa :)