Thursday, 31 May 2012

:: Plate Love

 My life in plates! so sweet too!
These are by Donna Wilson, what is not to love?

Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

:: Little Nest

 Brrrrrr the winter Melbourne weather brings on my desire to make craft with warm, soft materials.

This little nesting box is currently sitting sweetly in a dear friends, daughters nursery!

Can you imagine it, in bright yellow leather?

I created the pattern myself and used firm wool felt and a bit of embroidery!

 Hope your well?


Saturday, 26 May 2012

:: Triplex Lamp LOVE

I love lamps, and this one a has a lovely the story here

I chanced upon this blog Mackapar in my early blog days and started to follow.
One of the projects that Ulrika is involved in, is the relaunch of the Triplex Lamp, firstly designed in  1919 Sweden by Johan Petter Johansson.

Her blog outlines their journey and is worth a perusal, especially if you love a good design story with a happy ending! 
The Lamp is ready for reissue, I would love to have one, mmmmmm.........lets see ?

 Images VIA


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

:: West German Pottery Collection

I just can't get enough of West German Pottery! 
Here are my lastest recruits to the collection, the lovely mustard yellow with pressed patterns, a nice place for the glaze to pool with the slender handle and the blue ombre with raised geometric patterns.

 I purchased them from an etsy store called Eclectivist
Kasia was lovely to deal with and she packaged them well and it was a really great transaction, I warn you though, if you click on the link you might be lighter in the pocket? or a least add her shop to your favourites, remember it's Christmas in July soon! 
(note to those of you in the northern hemisphere, Christmas in July, is an Aussie thing, we have the traditional Christmas dinner in our winter because December time can be just too hot!)

 The lovely Dana from Mid2Mod awarded me with an award! 
I'm very pleased and touched that she thought of me amongst her choices

 Recipients of the award are asked to tell seven things about themselves, so here goes!

1- I was born in England in 1975, to an English Father and an Anglo Indian Mother, I married a Scotsman and made an Australian!

2- I wear a ring on my thumb and have done since my early twenties, I have not taken it off and I think I never will.

3- I studied Pottery at University and in my honours year, one of my works was bought by Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, a great philanthropist for the Arts.

4- I heart Sting big time! Everything he does is magic!

5- At school, I was happiest in the Art room or the library.

6- I married in a green dress, made from a Vogue pattern by a dear friend.

7-  I draw everyday.

I now pass on this lovely award to:

Donna @ Hung Up On Retro
(A lovely friend and you'll love her Freaky Friday Posts)

Kylie @ Lucy Violet Vintage 
(She's on a blog holiday just now but I just have to share her part of the world with you)

(A Graphic Designer with her finger on the pulse, love her work!)

Kylie @ Paravent
(A Textile Designer who screen prints beautiful work and uses neon pink!)

Tes @ Milkveins
(A sweetie)

Raynor @ The Shy Lion
(A witty Lad, whose blog has loads for lovely knitted/crochet goodness!)

(Maker of Odds&Ends and a crafting mentor for me)

I hope you enjoy visiting their blogs!


Sunday, 20 May 2012

:: Willa's Wildlife- Mid Century COOL!

What is not to love?

 So lovely to see such Mid Century cool in kid's television, such a sweet little story but the set drawings have me weak at the knees!

I think I want to live here too, Go Willa!

Total kitchen delight!
I love the trees!

Willa's Wild Life is an French/Canadian/American animated television series that first aired on ABC2 in 2008, then on Qubo and Nickelodeon Canada in 2009. The show is based on Dan Yaccarino's book An Octopus Followed Me Home. It is about a 9 year old girl named Willa (Jordan Todosey) who has some very unusual pets. She has, so far, acquired a giraffe, two elephants, an alligator, and many more exotic animals.

 Images Via cute blog by the Director Adrian Thatcher!

 Watch on the ABC!

Happy Sunday to you!


Saturday, 19 May 2012

:: Ercol Crush

Studio Couch

 Did you know that Ercol has come to Australia?

 I have a serious lust list of Ercol furniture and would love to have these beauties!

 You can occasionally pick up an Ercol on eBay, often they are the dark brown stain pieces, not as coveted as the natural elm!

They are on the Hot list of retro furniture to buy and prices can be high!

Love Seat

 Pepple nest of tables.

Here is my very own Ercol, the Grandfather Rocking chair, she is in pristine condition, has had only one lady owner, when she came to stay!
Sadly the dark brown stain is flawless, I would feel too guilty if I changed it, best leave well alone and enjoy!

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

:: ROAR Little Lion!

 Fresh from the kiln! 
I'm thinking in time he would be lovely in porcelain with some roaring good friends! 
I will investigate but student quality earthenware will have to do for now
Hope you are well!


Saturday, 12 May 2012

:: Modern Times Update!

I think this owl is my favourite!
three owls rousting

Lots of Danish Goodness

I think I would like to buy this lamp with my profit!

Macrame hangers

Sorry the pic's are rather ordinary but it was night time and I was delivering more hangers, they have been well received!

If you would like to see more? follow modtimespopup on instagram!

Happy weekend to you!


Psst I have been playing around with the look of the blog, is this black dot background better than the crumpled brown paper look?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

:: Yarn Bombing!

instagram pic!
I have the great pleasure in joining the Yarn Bombing Group at my school.

We have great plans for our school's courtyard.
Yarn bombing is about bringing crocheted/knittered joy to our surroundings, bit like nice nanna graffitti!
We will work tirelessly to brighten up our trees for the grim Melbourne winter and spread some joy for our annual "Positivity Week"!

I will keep you updated!

Crochet possibilities
School court yard

Sunday, 6 May 2012

:: Photographic Ramblings

circa 2008, wheel thrown porcelain, hand carved.
Retro phone, inspired by your post Dana!
Bone vase meets flower, love at first sight!
Beginnings of my IKEA vertical garden!
Vedel bird, I had to have!
Boy with ipad, what will he do in 20 years time?

 It's cold and rainy in Melbourne so I been playing with the iPhone and instagram. 
I love the immediate photographic gratification.

Hope you are well?.... I been enjoying reading your blogs, wish I had more to report, I think I'm in hibernation!

And welcome to my newest followers, I'm so pleased you have joined!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

:: Little Lion Love

It has been a long time since I have created something in clay that I am truly excited about! 
So much so that this Little Lion vase is not even finished.
It still has to dry out before a bisque fire and how am I going to glaze it?

I was teaching my group of Yr 7's on how to make a wrap vase, I always make a version to demonstrate the technique but rarely finish what I make...but not this time!

Certainly inspired by a bit of mid century ceramics, don't you think?

I will update you soon on Little Lion's journey through the kiln, many blessing to the kiln gods that it doesn't crack or break!

the latest issue of Est magazine is out! 
I warn you, you may need to sit down with a cuppa and the cone of silence over your head, it's full of loveliness!