Saturday, 21 January 2012

180m of heavy cotton twine and 20 hrs later........


Detail of original shade

60 strands of twine, each 3m long, sit on the circumference of the shade.

nearly finished

Making a knot


Detail shot
 I have had, loads of fun completing this project, time consuming but the repetitive nature of knotting is very soothing, I highly recommend it!

There's a fine line between 70's kitsch and contemporary macrame cool, I hope I have created the latter?
I think the spray painted neon yellow shade frame helps this?
Next task is to tackle, is the Owl. Inspired by the pic below, a thrift find from Savers, those eyes, get me every time!

Thanks for looking xx
Latest thrift find and inspiration for next macrame project.


  1. I am SO impressed. You did a beautiful job. I never learned to macrame back in the day, but maybe I'll make a stab at it now.

  2. I love it Pippa. Definetely contemporary, with just enough 70's kitsch thrown in to make it cool. I admire your patience. I found a family of 70's macrame owls on the side of the road once (council clean-up) I gave most of them away, kept a few but they're yet to be hung.

  3. Oh Kylie hang them, then post pics for us all to see, thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you!
    Dana, a bit of macramé would look great in your shop I'm sure! Thanks again for your lovely feedback!!

  4. I think it looks great. You must be incredibly patient. It must produce the most incredible pattern when it is lit. xx

  5. Lovely! You have done a beautiful job. Can't wait to see the owl upon completion. I am partial to abit of owl macrame!! xx


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