Thursday, 31 January 2013


Welcome to KNOT SCHOOL

Today is the seventh in a series of posts, where I show you 7 basic Macramé knots.
You have been watching me for the past 18 months now it's your turn!
A decorative knot, great for breaking up, more complex knotting!

Half Hitch Chain
A pair of Larks Head Knots.
Wrap one set- (under, over and through) around the other.

Now alternate! (under, over and through)

And repeat!

So get hitching!


This is the last in the series but seeings you have all been such great pupils, we'll keep learning together!
Keep your eyes peeled....and don't forget to do your homework!


  1. How wonderful, Pippa, I'd love to keep learning!! This is a knot I've never seen before, it looks great, especially with the two colors:-)
    Looking forward to learning more!!
    All the best, x

  2. Hi Pippa. I'm back commenting and came across your lessons. I have wonderful memories of macrame when I was taught by the nuns in the all girls school I attended. I think I will need some refresher courses. Thanks for sharing G.x

  3. thank for all the wonderful knot lessons! i am yet to put them to the test but i have some orange rope i have been wanting to put to use for some time... i think i'll be stopping back here when i do! x


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