Monday 25 November 2013

Art + Macrame = artcrame

I finally get to share a recent collaboration I have been working on!
Some of you may have seen snippets on instagram, cheeky peeks into our goings on!

So when you are asked by Michelle from Frankie and Swiss, to merge your knot skills with the art work of Tiel from TSK TSK say hell yes!

To create these works.
Images of Tiels painting were digitally printed onto fabric, which were then sewn into panels.
I carefully dyed my cotton twine to suit and knotted away!

After each panel, I was convinced that one was my favourite but as I slowly worked on each piece, my favourite shifted around to the point now that I love them all and want to keep them!

but alas not to be, really they are to be seen and for sale at the upcoming Big Design Market here in Mebourne.
December 6th -8th 2013

Just in time for the holidays!

Do you have a favourite?

We hope to do this again in the new year, cos it was so much fun!

Thanks Pippa :)

Friday 22 November 2013

The White Collection

I'm really taken with this dip dyed white business!
I was asked to make a tassel garland with beads, delighted too!

The process I use renders the twine, pure white and as soft as a cloud!

Ahhhhh porcelain how I have missed you!

 I create these little bloom vases, I'm still trying to figure out what I will use to hang them far so good.

Another idea I'm thinking of is porcelain end caps for the top of tassels?

Ouch beads are back and with some porcelain ones too.

Great news is, I'm only working a four day week, next year!!!!!!!!!
Which means a whole day to do Ouch things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imagine that????????

 I won't know myself!
This blog will hopefully be more exciting too, 
sorry it's been a bit crap of late :( 

This is not crap though!
This is my new circle shelf!
I turn thirtygreat, next week and this is something I have coveted for ages!

As is this Arabia plate!

Being going to be great! :)

Arabia Fructus


Friday 15 November 2013

An Update!

Just in case you were under any delusions that teaching was a glamorous job?
Here I am sitting in the cold and rain on what we call roving duties whilst our all bright students sit their end of year exams!
Melbourne is having an unseasonal cold snap at a time when it should be pinacoladas by the pool and snags on the BBQ!
I wish I could share with you all the things I'm up too, but no time to make photo's...... :(
Tomorrow is my first very big market over at the Emu Plains.
I'm very excited and will post heaps of photo's soon! :)
I have made a small amount of things in porcelain which I'm very excited about!
I've had a few incidences of copy cat craft, which isn't nice but

I've decided to ignore and move on....who has the energy for such conflict....I don't condone it, I'm just not going to let it be a reflection on me....
And lastly.......
I'm teaching only four days next year so YAY and HURRAH cause the bags under my eyes are so big, I'm scaring my son!!
See you soon!

Saturday 9 November 2013

Fablefolk, MadeByMosey and Ouch Flower!

 I made some friends on instagram, firstly by mutual respect of each others work, a shared giggle on life's adventures (children) then a passion for making, designing and being artists.

We decided that we should collab and bring our collective work, skills and ideas together!
What we have produced is an explosion of colour, texture and fun!
Who'd a thought tassels, beads and feathers could look so good!

 Single Tassel Drops.

 Tassel Dreamer small

 Tassel Dreamer   large

 If you would like to purchase please visit MadebyMosey SHOP

 or see the other work by Fable Folk, visit here!

Thanks so much Madeleine and Estelle, working with you Ladies and sharing this small collab has definitely been a highlight in my making adventures and a total pleasure!!!!

Pippa x

Wednesday 6 November 2013


Just wanted to share the Angel tassel in peach with you!


Monday 4 November 2013

Angel tassel and such!

I made a angel tassel.
I was inspired by Dee from @picturedthoughts.

I used leather to create the wings and hand painted them with gold paint.
I'm really channeling the angel Gabriel here! I've been wanting to come up with a tassel xmas dec, I really love Xmas decorations. 
I buy a new fancy one every year but this year I'm well and truly sorted!

 A new tassel!
Dip dyed white, I left some of the twine unbound, I think it adds to the textural look, what do you think?

 A Tassel Wreath!
I'm on a bit of a roll now!

On the home front!
Ouch boy's Halloween costume this year had to be Thomas!
So this masterpiece was created by my very talented Husband!
I helped a little bit and the boy pitched in too! was family affair!
I think we all love Thomas!

I clean this part of the house so my reward is to restyle!
I think the wall hanging looks great here, all gold and chocolate!
Can you spot the new tassel idea and a small ceramic ouch flower?

Day off tomorrow! YAY!

Pippa x