Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Woven Rope Jewellery Collection.

Whilst waiting to see all my pottery pieces through the making and firing process, I started making these as well!

I think I missed weaving the baskets and they just came to me.

 I like the clean modernist shapes, the curves and the colours!

...then I added a tassel fringe with old tassel twine!

....blame the baby! 
ahhh too cute, 10 months old!

Once the pottery is finished, then the shop will be opened! 
Who knows? 
Blame the baby.....ahh too cute! .....no really, blame the baby! 


The Ouch Flower & Zillpa Collaboration- 2nd edition.

A year in the making!
Yes its taken nearly a year to complete this latest edition!

I like to take my time, get it right, faff about etc (tend children)
These beauties are with Clare in Brisbane. They are heading out to the Finders Keepers market, then down to Melbourne for FK, then online.

I hope they find happy homes.
They are each unique and the concept is original.......combining traditional and contemporary basket weaving techniques.

I entered them into the Craft Vic 'Craft Awards' but no bites? 
I was a little disheartened but then I figured that experience should not devalue the work?
There is a time and place for everything and I'm forever the optimist.....they will find their audience! 

I hope I have pushed my ideas, use of material and technique.....and proven myself as a skilled artisan. 

My favourite would have to be the yellow ones.

I hope your well, thanks for reading!
Pippa x