Sunday 7 October 2012

:: Blog-Design-Dedication #1

This will be the first post in my new series of posts, called Blog-Design-Dedication.
This is where I take inspiration from blogs I read and create a macrame piece that I think is reflective of the person and their blog!  (bit of fun really)
I have plenty of macrame ideas and plenty of blogs to source from, so no one is safe really!

This dream-catcher/wall hanging has been inspired 
by Kylie Lucy Violet Vintage

It's very retro, which is what Kylie likes but the floral/sun pattern has a delicate vintage vibe, like a nice crochet dress. It's pretty and delicate, which describes our dedicatee, just look at a pic of her!

 The pops of orange are a common feature in her home styling as are the W.G pottery!I don't think she is opposed to a bit of fringing either!

Kylie loves teak too!
Kylie, this post I dedicate to you......cause your Ace!

Psst- Kylie and Donna are having a Retro Cook Off,  join in!



  1. What a very Kylielike design...and what a fun thing to do. You captured her perfectly! :)

    I'm joining the cook off. Are you? I've found a recipe that's truly so hideous I think I'll win, hands down...LOL

  2. I'm so pleased you could see her in the knotwork!
    Yes I am really excited to join the cook off, I have not found a recipe yet but I will bow down to your hideous one, I'm sure! LOL!

  3. That almost made me a bit teary. Why? Because I think you've captured our Kylie quite succinctly. Isn't it warming to think we can get to know people through this medium and never actually meet in person? Kylie is one of the nicest people in blogland, and you're one of the fastest macrame-ers I've ever come across!

  4. Call me speedy fingers and a non domestic goddess!
    Thanks for the compliment!
    Your right though, we'd pass each other in the street totally unaware but if we met the conversation would flow and tears and hugs would abound!

  5. Love this dedication - a lovely work of art for a lovely blogger. Kylie recommended your blog to myself and I am LOVING everything about it!!! I am besotted with your turquoise owl!.

  6. Awww Pippa, I am tearing up. And that's no lie. And you know what? You're ace too (one day, I hope to get to tell you that in person) Thank you x

    p.s. sending email

  7. Hi vintagemovement, thanks for popping by, your very welcome!

    Now Kylie, no tears, just smiles! love Pippa.
    I'm glad your happy xx

  8. That looks amazing......I love how you create your own designs Pippa.
    Have a great Sunday arvo ;O)
    Tania xx

  9. That is absolutely beautiful (exactly like the woman herself). What a wonderful talent x

  10. Thanks Tania! Happy Sunday to you too!

    Hi Max, thanks for popping by :)

  11. I absolutely love this creation - its simply gorgeous :)

  12. What a perfect match with the pottery. Love the design of the Macrame.

  13. Thanks iheartsunnydays, its nice to see you from Instagram!

    Thanks Ray, I'm really enjoying the creative process and the variation that can be achieved with the knots!
    WG pottery an easy decorating option, what's not to love there! :)

  14. I love this. How do you make them? My younger sister is obsessed with all things Native American so could be a good present for her for Christmas. Looks fab with the orange pots too. Emma x

  15. Beautiful post and what a great new series! The dream catcher is absolutely beautiful, and truly fitting for the wonderful, beautiful Kylie. xx

  16. This a great idea! And such a gorgeous piece of macrame. I'm sure Kylie is so pleased :-) x

  17. Aww so cute! I love this idea :) x

  18. This piece is gorgeous.. love it!

  19. Love it! What a brilliant idea and I think it suits Kylie beautifully! You are awesome :)

  20. Hi there, this is just beautiful, I would really love to try making it for myself. Do you have instructions for this by any chance? List of what I might need? You should write patterns and sell them!


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