Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Viking raids.... and I bought Don home to meet the family,

Don Freedman
 I have been dreaming about these wall hangings, 
I scour etsy and think $300, not that much? 
Never going to get one in Australia....blah blah blah!
Then on my first thrift outing all term to the Waverly Bazaar!
Ta da! all for $15.00!!!!!!!

I thrift to relax, I thrift for silence too, the joy of not talking for hours on end, just looking, looking and the BAM you spot your hearts desire.
I sometimes wonder what an introvert is doing in a teaching job, but then I do enjoy bossing folk about and teenagers are great for that!
 LOL I mean bossing in a good way :)

 Hello Danish Viking, he came home too. 
To guard 'the Don' from further pillaging!

Blue, Brown and Green! 
My interior colour choices at the moment!
How did that happen?

Another Holmegaard carafe to add to my collection, more Viking motifs!

and making some simpler macramé to soothe my busy days!

Hope your well and I look forward to visiting you all over these holidays, I hope you'll excuse my tardiness!

Pippa xx


  1. OMG that hanging is amaaaazing

    1. Still pinching myself! ...the next dream is to create a contemporary version!
      fingers crossed!

  2. I'm speechless, Pippa, that wall hanging is GORGEOUS!!! What an incredibly lucky find! How wonderful to finally find your dream object! Speaking of which, that simple macramé hanger is a beauty!!!

    1. Husband does not share the sentiment but he'll get used to it I'm sure!
      Glad you like it, lady of excellent discerning taste!
      I think the simple hanger is the way to go too :)

  3. Wow. Luv. And I can't believe the price. You could totally make this.

  4. eeeeeeekkkkk! You kidding me!!! I can feel your excitement from here! I would have wresteld you for it if I'd have been shopping with you! Love the blue, green and brown! x

  5. I'm so excited about your wall hanging find! Ever since I did a couple of posts about them, I've been hoping to find one. I love the blue, brown and green.

  6. Yay Pippa!! Congrats on such a great find!

  7. Hello Pippa, May I ask what type of cord is used for the plant hanger. I really like the way the tassel poufs. Thanks.


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