Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pictured Thought #2

 Mmm Tassel Pie!

Some more lovely work from Dee @picturedthoughts.

 Tassel games, anyone?

 Teal tones!

Do you have a favourite?

Pippa x

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pictured Thoughts #1

I said to Dee from @picturedthoughts that people often ask me what my tassels are for?
She was more than happy to help me answer the question?

I meet Dee on instagram via #7vignettes, her feed is amazing!

She has a knack for story telling and creating emotion in her work! This is her passion.

Over the coming weeks I will share with you her creations!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Thanks Dee, your tassel-tastic! xx

roar!!!       (I smiled when I saw this one for the first time!)


Giving's Good!

Please support the 'Bondville Charity Auction' this Christmas!

Click on here to peruse the lovely selection of goodies donated, all proceeds go to support the 'Children's Cancer Institute Australia'

I have donated this hanger for many reasons!

1. I'm grateful to all and sundry who support my work and efforts so it's good to share it back or forward as they say in the movies?

2. Cancer sux's 

3. By raising money so this institute does there best work..so eventually the need for it is obsolete?...I would put money to that!

4...and who doesn't like knots?


Spread the word if you can?
Pippa x

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Oh Mother A Mouly!

 Today's best thrift find is this print by 
French Artist Marcel Mouly.
Apparently he hung out with Picasso...good enough for me!
Really it's the colour that made me charge at it in the second dealers garage. Then i saw it was dated 1959 and well it hit the modernist button nicely!

The I couldn't resist the Tapio Wirkkala and the pretty red West German!

Marcel Mouly

Ugly aren't they?.....but endearing too on closer inspection

Glit Icelandic Pottery
 That's real lava on the sides of the pots...now that's cool!

 Cut out clay pattern, so seventies!

Something different, an eighties pop clock, real plastic and glass. Reminds me of Memphis and you know how I love Memphis!
I might hang this beauty in my classroom and admire it everyday!

...it won't get nicked the kids are too frightened of me for that!!! BAH!!

Hope your having happy, great weekend!

Pippa xx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Still dreaming

 Still dreaming but this time it's the Dreamer!

This Sunflower inspired Dreamer was supposed to be finished over the holidays but as always, I tend to fill my holidays up so much that I don't get everything done on time!......note on time, I'm still pushing myself to create, regardless of the fact I work full time, I'm in denial!
I figured that if full time teaching was all I did, then I would be sad and unfulfilled..... so enter ouch flower. 
It's alot of behind the scenes work and I struggle to juggle!
I'm constantly thinking and musing about my ideas, It's really important to me that I keep developing my skills and keep challenging myself. 

So I did!
Here's the process of making.

 Starting off small.

 then bigger!

 and bigger!
 It's starting to take shape at this point, less sea creature to more controlled design, can you see the sunflower forming?
I added a long tassel in black and some smaller tassels to finish the look.

This is certainly the beginning of a new direction, 
something cleaner, simpler
... a bit of Scandi with bold dashes of colour 
but natural to balance it out!

oh and don't forget the metallic too!

To be honest with you I think I'm growing up!


pss.. the stand was a thrift find, covered in that green plastic, but Mr Ouch peeled it away, sanded it back and resprayed it black. 
I'm very pleased with the results and grateful for his help! xx

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ya dreaming!

In my dreams I bought this house and you all came over for the house warming. 

Nicely dressed in your long halterneck dresses and three piece suits, laden with gifts of houseplants, West Germans and Bitossi ceramics!

We ate well too, it was cocktails and canapes, on the deck, whilst the kids swim in the pool!

If you would like to dream about this house too 
then look over here!

now shhhhhhh, I'm dreaming!

Friday, 4 October 2013


Making with purpose, is the type of making I like!
Making with and collaborating with others is what I like to do!

...so fortunate for me I have a number of Craft Collaborations going on, here are some pics of some of the tassels I have made these holidays, for said collabs!!

More collab details later on as they unfolds....but I'm real excited and I hope you are too!

Pippa x

psst these 'all one colour' tassels are over 1m long, very spec xx
pssst Kylie's back, frocking up!