Sunday, 28 April 2013

New Tassel idea's and some macramé!

I have been doing some thinking...What more can I do with tassels? 
I know?.... complex problem solving involved here!

I have came up with the 'stripe' idea and the pom pom idea!

Thanks to instagram, MMMC and Carly pointed out 'the stripe' made room for two colours
.....sooooo onto that big time!

And Welcome Tassel Triplets!

with my latest thrift find, lovely heavy wooden candlesticks, 
teak I think?

Arabian Blue Tassel Triplets

and a new hanger...Double Dip Macramé Hanger  
(Arabian Blue/Lemon)

 ....made with Vintage Macrame Beads!

Do you like the new idea's? Any suggestions?

On other news...I'm exhibiting my work at the CAE in Melbourne! In time for the June Macrame class!

Also in June I am going to market! ...yes the first Ouch Flower market stall!!!
Details over here!
....also thanks for the slump support, I'm now back on my feet!

Hope your well too xx


Thursday, 25 April 2013

.......a daisy garland

I made a tassel garland for a baby girl!

I love doing custom orders, I think Daisy's mum has great taste in colour combo's!
The Cerise(new), Coral, Peach and Natural together are a winner!

Lest we forget.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I'm surviving...thank god for the hump, tomorrow's day off and an easy teaching day on Friday.
...I will make it to the weekend!

Has anyone else found the return to paid work from an extended time so exhausting?
..sorry for the non-post but I have no wizz bang to share but wanted to just say hello!


Saturday, 20 April 2013

This week......drama queen!

 This week I met my new West German, she is in the top three of my collection, if not 'numero uno'!
Wouldn't you agree?...she's a beauty! 
A one bid score on ebay, 
I'm very lucky....everybody must have been snoozing! 
A friend spied it as a Roth...this Roth will need friends!

She bought me some much needed sunshine into my busy week, back at work.

This week also brought.....some Ouch Flower in the media!

 I feel very honoured to be featured in two publications this week, Frankie Magazine and the Saturday Herald Sun newspaper-Home Magazine.

oh... and there's my prototype for the 'clay&tassel' idea...I think it could work well?

Dulux campaign-Texture Design

 In preparation for the return to work...

 Last weekend, I went on a no holds barred thrift fest!!
...a bit of a 'you've done well and deserve it type thing', 'put it on your credit card, you'll pay it later type thing', '$100 is your limit type thing'....who am I kidding, type thing!
but I did good!

Iittala Ultima Thule Carafe
I often see these carafes on eBay...dreaming of how it would look on my Iittala dinner table, so when I saw it hidden on some dusty shelves. It was reasonably priced and I knew I would of had the biggest #regretkickmyself the next day If I didn't take it home :)

 Arabia Finel, Kaj Franck.
 An unexpected purchase, I'm not a red girl but again when would I meet her again? 
It was either this kettle of a Cathrine Holm one, olive green but in a poor state and high price!
More Iittala!
 And to show you that I don't just thrift for myself...this Italian Coffee stove top maker was for Mr Ouch!
A man needs a good coffee in the morning if he's to survive Ouch Boy and me!
I also picked up another kettle but for my brother. 
It was his birthday and he's a keen camper, before he opened it I said "a bit left of centre but you'll use it", he was pleased!

Hello Mum if your reading this! xx (Ouch Grannie)


Monday, 15 April 2013

I survived!

 I survived my first day at work, Mr Ouch has a lovely tea cooking, Ouch boy is now riding his bike without training wheels and I can now share this news!

I have been included in the Kidspots Top 100 bloggers, 
Home and Creative category!

Even better I share this honour with Donna from Hung up on Retro!

.....and to be included amongst the calibre of bloggers listed, many of my faves....feelin a bit star struck and very happy!


and were having Thai fish curry! :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013



So we have come to an end of my long Service leave, tomorrow I become Miss again!

 ......many thoughts cross my mind at the prospect...but forever the optimist.
 I have decided that I quite like teaching and I think I'm quite good at it too. 
I like teenagers, they grunt at you alot but when you've got their attention and they trust that, what your delivering educationally is not a load of c#@p, they go along for the ride. 
When the penny drops and their eyes spark know your about to witness an Art/Design awakening!
That's when I sit back and watch them go!
 If there going well, I tell them that when they are rich and famous, I get 5%!
Some cash should be rolling in soon! 

On that note.... I'm teaching Macramé here, in June! 
One class at the minute but if demands up, could be more!
The CAE is in Melbourne and I'm really excited to be apart of their team!

The other benefits are that I will be able to resume clay making!
I'm looking forward to making some more Ouch Beads, Planters & Bloom Vases!
Also what do you think of clay and tassels together????

So back to the top pic...playing again!
Thanks for sharing, commenting and supporting my L.S.L adventures!

.........and may the only drama in your homes, be tassels! ;)


Friday, 12 April 2013

Tassel Twins & Thrift

Peach & Coral
West German Pottery with Dahlia's
Emerald & Teal
Soholm, Denmark & Raku Studioware, UK.

I really enjoy making tassels, especially when it's an order and the customer has chosen the colours!
I really enjoy the styling bit too ...I go through my home and choose what I think works!
I love buying fresh flowers and I'm a total Dahlia devotee!

I think thrifting and tassels go hand in hand cause I need to thrift to style my shots and I need to make tassels to style with my thrift finds!  ....that makes sense?

Well Monday will be a big day and I'm busy tying up loose ends, delivering orders that happen to be near some nice thrift stores!...lucky me!


Sharing over at Lou's!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I collect.

 Three makes a collection...YEAH!
I picked up the cobalt blue Viking Carafe at my local market for $20.00, would you have paid that?
The heart shaped vase by Per Lutken, I picked up a year ago from a retro sellers market, from memory a similar price.

The Green Gul vase by Otto Brauer, was my first ever retro find on ebay, I'd seen pictures, knew nothing but I had to have one. I scored it for $50.00, 6 years ago. (ebay now over $400)

What was your first find?
What started you on the thrifting passion? SHARE?
Do a post about it?
I remember thinking that I wanted to collect but couldn't pick what treasure it would be, then I decided I would collect one of each MC/Retro item that peaked my interest.
So I did!
Whilst going through that process I learn't about what I liked and didn't like.
Through you guys, yes you! Dana, Ray, Brismod, MMMC, Tove!
I have learned so much more!
So I have decided I will showcase and share my collections over I collect.

Ohhhh and would you believe that I made these in December last year and forgot about them till yesterday?
It's the martini's at lunchtime with Don.....

Ouch flower Bloom vases in the SHOP!


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Arabian do you do?

 She's poooped!
Being in the limelight tires her out!
But she's a professional model and knows when to sparkle for the camera!

 Arabian Blue a new tassel colour for the ouchflower tassel range, soon to be in the shop!

Do you not, just love this iittala stuff?

I waited till the sun was just right....and she sparkles!
The aim is to collect enough to furnish a dinner table then it's christening time at the 'iittala dinner party'!

RSVP me your attendance?  (I know your in Brismod)

I have been playing along with the #7vignettes over in instagram.......this is my version of 'rough'
Love it!

I have a few exciting things coming up....can't tell you just yet though :(

1 more week left till it's back to the classroom.......


Monday, 1 April 2013

Times running out......

West German Pottery

 My time on leave from work is running out so I thought I better clean the house... I was dusting and was side tracked, what a photo opportunity?
I don't think I will tire collecting these beauties at all!

Warm Collection
Cool Collection

The cleaning continued............this time I grouped my thrifted finds with the theme of wood and metal in mind, I think that works?

 I've enjoyed making some more tassels too! between cleaning of course!

Ouch boy has enjoyed the company of Grandpa, they are best friends!
Grandpa lives in Scotland and visited us over the Easter break...we love Grandpa!

I love cleaning, do you?