Tuesday, 6 May 2014

This is a no 'drive thru quick fix' creative class!

I'm second class in and we haven't even touched Porcelain yet!
I'm talking about my clay class at the Slow Clay Centre in Collingwood with Prue Venables.

Instead there has been lots of discussion and sharing of ideas and concepts, some making in terracotta to get the ideas flowing and research, it was set for homework!
.....so being the perpetual art student I have created some inspiration pages in my sketch book.

Of course when I think jewellery these days, I think Modernist Scandinavian! 
In Australia you can't beat Dinosaur Designs for inspiration!

In the future, I'd like to venture back into wall hangings but with a ceramic twist! You cant go past Heather Levine for inspiration on that front!

How my ideas will translate and what I think I might do is still a bit of a mystery? 
Prue wants us to develop our own ideas, take our own risks with the material and experiment! 
This is not a make as I make class but a real journey of self creativity. 
It takes patience and trust to feel able to do this....I'd forgotten? 

This is what real teachers do...any thing else is cookie cutter instructor!

If you have a strong desire to develop your skills and ideas then find a class such as this to develop you....I believe that the recent influx of 'get creative' classes about, aren't really teaching you anything but the ideas of someone else?
A creative quick fix, drive thru mentality!

Creativity cant be taught but fostered and nurtured and it will blossom when given permission to develop.

I mean no offense to anyone in saying this but sometimes I think things need to be said?
As a teaching professional this is what we do, as an artist, we sometimes need reminding?

Next week we are learning how to make a plaster cast of a bead. I'm going to spend sometime on creating a special bead to cast off, with the hopes that it will be good enough to hang round my neck and admire....Woo Hoo getting closer to making in porcelain!!

On another front!
I have been working on a craft collab with Clare from Zillpa.
Tasseling up her rope vessels has been a delight to do, must get this finished before 'love hearts' arrival!
Yes love heart!....ouch boys idea!