Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ouch Boy's Day!

A simple party in a local park, by the bay!

Ouch Boy

Ouch Uncles!

These comedians hard at work at are Mr Ouch's younger twin brothers. They have both emigrated with their lovely partners from the UK. First right of passage for any new comer is the barbie duties, they did a great job, thanks Ouch Uncles!

 This Ouch uncle is mine...never to old to be thrown in the air!

 And we eggs were harmed in this race, we used golf balls! .........LOL Allison! xx

 Sack races anyone? ....pillowcases from the oppy!

Thanks for the great 'bunting' race finish line, Stacey!


The next pics are for my O.S friends. This is why I never need a beach holiday because this is only 10 min walk from home.

This fence acts as a wind break, seating and just generally good landscape architecture!

 Native tea tree in the park.

 Walkway down to the beach!

Pippa xx

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Viking raids.... and I bought Don home to meet the family,

Don Freedman
 I have been dreaming about these wall hangings, 
I scour etsy and think $300, not that much? 
Never going to get one in Australia....blah blah blah!
Then on my first thrift outing all term to the Waverly Bazaar!
Ta da! all for $15.00!!!!!!!

I thrift to relax, I thrift for silence too, the joy of not talking for hours on end, just looking, looking and the BAM you spot your hearts desire.
I sometimes wonder what an introvert is doing in a teaching job, but then I do enjoy bossing folk about and teenagers are great for that!
 LOL I mean bossing in a good way :)

 Hello Danish Viking, he came home too. 
To guard 'the Don' from further pillaging!

Blue, Brown and Green! 
My interior colour choices at the moment!
How did that happen?

Another Holmegaard carafe to add to my collection, more Viking motifs!

and making some simpler macramé to soothe my busy days!

Hope your well and I look forward to visiting you all over these holidays, I hope you'll excuse my tardiness!

Pippa xx

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tassel Wreath

I know it's a bit early but if I have any chance of making a few things for the shop for Christmas, it needs to be now!
So a rope wreath with two skinny tassels in Emerald green with gold binding. 
I couldn't bring myself to go the whole red and green Xmas statement, as you may want to hang this beauty all year round?

 I listened to your lovely feedback and went back to painting, very addictive past time and I'll continue with this till an idea for my new branding presents itself!

so thankyou!

Off to Ouch Boy's party at the park now!...races anyone? 
Three legged, egg and spoon or sack race?

Pippa x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ouch Boy! Was, is and will be!

Just before his first birthday, drooling, clinging, toothy Mama's boy!  (very cute too)

Cheeky toddler fridge raider, presented his sliced cheese booty! ...still toothy, drooley but a working mind has awoken!

 Enter the boy!....need I say anymore!

Mr independence...wholeheartedly encouraged!

 My constant helper when there's tassel business to be done!

 Learning to ride his big boy bike and looking more and more grown up, I can see the man in the boy, which makes me very proud!

The Artist!

To today his 5th birthday!
......pictured with a 'Mother and Son' art collaboration, he wanted a pink rainbow!

I'm very proud but I'm also trying not too be weepy as well!

Happy Birthday Ouch Boy xxxx

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Musings & Moving on

Just thought I'd float some ideas and musings on you all.

Time is moving on and I embrace change and development like old friends.
My thoughts of late are about direction, what to do? Where I want to be? What I want to be? etc
Without realising it, I'm now on a path of teaching my craft!

I have a done a number of macrame classes and are frequently asked to do more.
Teaching kids as you know is my other gig but now Ouch is taking on that dimension too!
I think I might like teaching! (bossing people about)

I'm starting to evolve my making too, my craft and then my art! Both intertwined aesthetically but separate?

Ok ...get to the point!
I'm turning my bigcartel shop into my serious art making place and leaving the etsy shop about the tassels! BAM!

I feel I need another place to express myself as an artist/craftsperson I'm not all about craft/tassels but I still love the tassels.
They were an accidental product that's grown legs, (very happy about that ) but I would like to be open to do other things!

I think I will make a new logo, use my full name and may or may not link to Ouch but then I don't know?

This is where I need some input!
What do you think?
Anything? Fire away, I am all ears!
This design is a photoshopped version of a gouache painting I made during the week and my personal signiture, both scanned and shuzzed on the computer.
Nothing is set in stone, i'm just playing round with things, to see what works!
Over to you!
Pippa x

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hornsea, Lapid, Iittala & More!

 My only good place to thrift at the minute is closing down and I fear my iittala run will be over!
......and chances of coming across another Lapid let alone blue Hornsea will be over!
At least at decent prices anyway!

I frequently rush to Savers after school on Friday for a bit of me time, a chance to unwind before returning home for homemade pizza's.
Oh well :(

Not sure of the maker of this dish (mark 2525) probably Japanese?
.... but I love the mustard coloured glaze and slip decoration.

I think Lapid pottery is unique and as lovely as West German Pottery, one more and I have a collection on my hands :)

 I also picked up this nice bed spread too, teal and gold my new favourite colour combination!

 I was being silly and had been playing along with #7vignettes on instagram, this is my version of the topic 'pile'.

I had a stall at another local market this weekend, it was OK, bit slow so I made this hanger!
It will go in the shop as a made to order hanger, still not bored of chartreuse or the 'Sling' design!

Speaking of markets, I was asked by a punter if my tassels were for 'self flagellation'?
I think my jaw dropped and mumbled the response they are decorative :(

Joy of joys!

Happy week ahead to you!