Sunday, 23 March 2014

Some explaining to do!

Fablefolk bangles

So now that I have lured you to read this post with a pretty picture of the work of FableFolk.

I know I've got some explaining to do!
Where have I been? I had such big plans for this blog!

Well I have been seduced by the evil temptress that is Instagram, I'm there alot and so pleased that alot of you are there too!! #suckedintoo

I now speak in #hashtags ....that my students find highly annoying and I find highly amusing! :0

I divert!
A series of incidences from December 2013 to now, has forced me too reconsider my actions, my goals and what I want from this creative life?

Here's the deal!

I need a change from the pace of Ouch Flower, I needed more time to do the things I love and best of all, more time to be a better parent!
So I have put my shops on hold, I'm taking a break from tassel making and macramé knotting!
I'm making a return back to pottery as I want to create in porcelain again!

The tassels have been a real joy to me but my claim on my work has been shaky. 
The advent of social media and pinterest has encouraged others to recreate what they see, with no consideration of the maker they are copying etc.
Now to see something and create for personal satisfaction is OK with me, knock yourself out! 
but to peddle the wares on social media as your own, well I struggled with that greatly.
So the decision to share my ideas, processes and knowledge is the best answer I can come up with? ...cause the battle to hold onto my design is not worth it? 
I can't control the foibles of others?
So to share what I do with you, is in the hope you'll share my knowledge with others, in an open and authentic way!

So look forward to some tassel and macramé DIY this year!

Lastly we at chez Ouch have been blessed with the knowledge that three will become four! #ouchbaby
I thought that my run was done and was making peace with that when the morning sickness train well and truly arrived!
It's been a shock, a blessing, a joy and slightly annoying but I'm up for more stretch marks!

So I leave you with another pretty picture and hope to be back soon!


Ouch Flower/Rock Garden